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For many, peace and happiness in the sentimental field is not found in the country where they were born, so it is common to meet people who seek to maintain a serious relationship with someone from another country.

This is reflected, for example, in the large number of users of pages to find the loved one. You would like to read this article if you have a serious relationship with an Australian and you would like to obtain the residence in Australia by marrying him or her.

The Australian Government has established policies for the granting of visas to persons married to an Australian citizen. Such visas are called marriage visas. There are three types:

Visa for spouses

This visa is given to persons who got marriage with an Australian citizen, either in the country of residence of the visa applicant or in Australia. This also applies to persons who get married to a permanent resident in Australia.

To apply for this visa, the couple must prove to the Australian government the legality of their marriage in the country where they got married. However, they also accept applications from couples that have lived together in the country of the applicant for at least one year, as well as from those non-Australian women who are pregnant and who are currently living in the Australian territory.

Despite that the process can take an average of six months, after two years together, they can apply for permanent residence, which is certainly beneficial.

Visa for Fiancés

It is a type of temporary visa, for which couples can apply as long as they have a relationship for at least of one year. The non-Australian person must apply for a visa at the immigration department or the embassy of Australia.

Through this temporary visa, the Australian government seeks to ensure that the couple gets married in Australia, so it is set a maximum period of nine months for the couple to get married. Once this condition is accomplished, spouses receive the visa for Fiancés. Like the previous case, after two consecutive years of marriage or having children, you may apply for permanent residency.

Visas independent couples

Australia allows unions between persons of the same sex, so this temporary visa is for gay couples, whether gay or lesbian. The application process is almost the same as the previous case. Those interested should approach the immigration department of the country where they are or the embassy of Australia to complete a form about their relationship.

The term marriage is also nine months. Similarly, the process for the granting of the visa may take an average of 6 months and people may apply for permanent resident visa after two years of being married.


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