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The economy is present in all our lives, we buy, sell, work and got paid for it and that’s all part of the economy. But the economy goes beyond all of the above and is because of this, why in this article we will analyze the reasons to study economics, its advantages and disadvantages.

As mentioned earlier the economy has a presence in many acts of life, such as in explaining differences in salaries of workers, reasons for the price of products, in matters concerning money, prices, etc.

The economy is thus considered as a science that deals with the social and the technique aspects, this means, it is the study of how societies relate scarce resources to the different needs of their populations. Despite being a science, the economy is based on evidence and reason, not dogma concepts.
So, if you want to know what an economist makes, what their professional functions are, here we indicate you their functions:

– Provide solutions to major socio-economic problems such as inflation, unemployment and production of the nation.

– Create policies to help the continuous improvement of the quality of life of societies.

– Analyze how different financial markets such as interest rates and the stock market behave.

– Analysis and study of business cycles and monetary policies of the states.

But what are the advantages of pursuing a career in economics? Why should we pursue a career like this one? An economist can make decisions in the areas of reducing inequalities and business development. Also bases its work on constantly seeking higher returns generating monetary or raising income levels. It is itself a career with a great social perspective it seeks to improve the quality of life for all.

In addition, an economist would work as a business manager, and in other enterprise-level specialized scenarios such as the areas of finance, project management, taxation and market analysis. Other fields in which an economist can perform are public sector like ministries or government agencies, consulting sector institutions and also in education as a professor or researcher.

Currently the world is living a worldwide crisis, perhaps it is needed a change of direction with the new generation of professionals to lead the economy. Lack of development and crisis in general will be faced with new opportunities which may be offered by a new generation of professionals in economics.

Finally it is worth to say that the economy involves the study of advanced mathematics and complex economic models for which it will require dedication, effort, commitment and investment of time. The not completed defined field of work could also generate initial placement problems for new professionals, perhaps just only until they get a job in the area in which they would specialize.


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