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good devices with dual sim card, list of devices with dual sim card, examples of devices with dual sim cardDual SIM card and the best devices that possess this technology

Going back a few years ago, we remember that the only way we had to use two SIM cards, was turning off the device and changing the card for another one. Today, this has changed with the advance of technology that allows us to use two cards simultaneously on the same cell phone.

This is called Dual SIM Card, which allows through a processor make the change by software, without the need to shut down the device. In the market there are various models that have this advantage; in this article we will review some of them.

Cell phones with Dual SIM Card work with two different IMEI numbers, which can process data and make calls from the two cards installed separately without causing conflicts. The advantage you’d have when buying a device with Dual SIM Card is coverage almost everywhere, due to the presence of two operators in your device.

On the other hand, it is important to consider some disadvantages of the equipment in question, as the rapid expenditure of battery power (for sustaining the activities of two SIM cards). The following list has no particular order, nor any intention beyond informing future users about the best chance they have to buy a phone with these features.

– NOKIA C2-00

This model designed by Nokia has the feature of Dual SIM Card, but this works through slots, so there is no need to shut down and restart the phone to change the SIM card. It also has MP3 player, Bluetooth, expandable storage up to 32GB via a microSD card and the battery life in sleep mode would last 16 days.


This is a Smartphone that works with the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system. It has built-in GPS, 2.8 inch touch screen, 3.0 mega pixels camera, 256 MB of internal memory. Maybe you can find a device that offers better conditions, but this is a good option that also has Dual SIM Card technology.

– LG GX 200

This cell phone does not have the best features for the market. To be a Smartphone, this Korean design model has only 80 MB of internal memory, Bluetooth and USB inputs. It has a touch screen or qwerty keyboard and the camera is low resolution. However, it has Dual SIM Card, which can be advantageous for you if that is the characteristic that most matters you.


This mobile device is designed to be elegant, suitable for business people. It has a sliding face, easy to use and comfortable. The multimedia content is quite comprehensive and you can enjoy it through the music player, FM radio and has network access.

Like the Nokia C2-00, this team also works with Dual SIM Card slots, making it possible for the user to reduce expenses by having two tariff plans on a single device. A further advantage is that the information contained in the agenda is transferable between a SIM card and the other one.

Finally, it is important that you realize that the world in which we live advances rapidly and constantly and therefore there will be always good options in the market for the same function. It depends on what to find a common point between the investment that you intend to do on a mobile device and your true needs of mobile applications.


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