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Searching nice phrases abpout God ? The following phrases serve to show our Lord how important He is in our lives and how each one of our actions thinking about Him.

And the problem with most people is that they only remember God when they are going through tough times of great sadness. You need to change this bad habit, show God how much you love him at all times and that your faith remains.

We offer you different phrases and messages that will help you be grateful to God, and you can share them with your loved ones through social networks or any mean you think will help you spread the message.

Best phrases to say “thank you” to God today by instagram

– “I thank you Lord for you have always been there watching over me and showing me that nothing ever happens to me when I find myself next to you. I ask you to enlighten my path so I can reach you, also I pray for all my brothers. “
Category : Phrases to say thanks to God

– “Thanks for giving me the urge to move forward and surpass each obstacle. For showing me the good amidst so much evil and for always being present all this time. “
Category : Phrases to say thanks to God

– “Whenever I stumble you are there to help me get up, because when I feel that something is not possible to do and I cannot find a solution anywhere, you show me that by your side anything is possible. You are everything to me God, I believe infinitely in your word and I thank you for all the blessings you have brought into my life. “
Category : Phrases to say thanks to God

– “For all those times you have forgiven me even though I have been wrong several times, I appreciate your infinite mercy. I will never get tired of thanking you Lord, and thanks to your example of life I have managed to become a better person.”
Category : Phrases to say thanks to God

– “Although I have thousands of problems I will never fear. I give you my whole life Lord, I will be like a child in the darkness and not be afraid as long as you lead me in your way, your way of goodness and peace.”
Category : Phrases to say thanks to God

– “Thank you God for giving me life, allowing me to get up again and seeing my loved ones. Thanks for making me see that it is never too late to change and as long as I am by your side all will be better. “
Category : Phrases to say thanks to God

Thank you messages to God for all the blessings

– “For life, for the happiness of my children and for all the good I know, I thank you God
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– “God, I really understand now, if you do not give us everything we ask you for, it is not because you do not listen, but because you are the one who really knows what will make us happy.”
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– “I will never tire of thanking my Lord and me is that there are infinite things I owe you. I thank you for letting me get up every morning and give the greeting of good morning my parents and also allowing me to share your love with everyone I know. Just pray thee, from me never “
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– “I will never get tired of asking you Lord for all those people who need a place to live, I pray for them so that you can host them on your infinite goodness.

Also I thank you for allowing me to have a roof where I can shelter from the rain. Thank you for all you have given me, all you give and all you will give me, thanks for your infinite love. “
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– “You have freed me from a life of vice and banalities, you pushed me away from the evil path I chose. Thanks for proving that money is not everything in life and that with you I can find true happiness “
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– “During all this time dear Lord I have realized how important and necessary your guidance is in my life, if you do not illuminate my way, I would simply not be able to find happiness.

Help me to discern the good from the bad things and take me away from envy and resentment. “
Category :Thanks God Messages

Hopefully these phrases will be of great help to you and that you can share them with your friends or with your loved ones. And remember that God will always be there when you need Him the most.

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