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With handsets now we can do almost anything, thanks to the applications you can download and install on them.

Within these applications we can find all kinds of programs, some that allow us to send instant messages, make free calls, take pictures and make course changes and programs that serve to prevent the installation of virus that can steal our private information.

In this article we will tell you about the best antivirus applications you can install on your Smartphone, so download any of these and keep your phone free protected.


Avast antivirus is one of the most widely used in computers around the world due to its effectiveness and efficiency. This company has also developed an antivirus for smartphones that have Android system.

The application name is Avast Mobile Security and once you have it installed on your phone, you will be protected from any viruses and malicious software to install. An advantage of using this application is that it has a tracking tool for your computer that lets you know where your handset is, in case of theft or loss.

To download this antivirus application can access Google Play and for more information visit their website


This application is a complete security system for your Smartphone. It supports both system computers that have Android and iOS (iPhone).

Install this application on your handset to protect from viruses and other threats. One of the great advantages of this application is to make a backup you can recover your files in case of loss.

It also have tracker that lets you see where your mobile is if it has been tested or you have lost it. It is completely free and you can download from the app store or through their official website www.lookout.como / is


Kaspersky is another known mobile antivirus, used by many people because of its effectiveness. The mobile phone version is called Kaspersky Mobile Security and has been created for phones that have Android system.

With this app installed on your phone, you can be sure that no virus can be installed on your phone. In addition to these utilities, Kapersky allows you to have a filter for calls and messages and to block all websites containing malicious software.

In case of theft or loss you can completely block it remotely and locate it after. If you want to install it you can download it from their website

Dr. Web Anti-virus Light

It is a very useful application that allows you to keep your computer free of viruses and malicious software. It also lets you browse the files you have saved on your phone memory, so thee will be completely safe.

It is fully automatic because if you find a virus, deleted or quarantined it, is very fast and versatile. If you want to know more about anti-virus applications can visit the official website

Applications that you have mentioned are just some of the many you can find in Google Play, remember they are completely free and also that your handset security is the first thing to keep in mind.

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