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key logger’s elimination, PC, privacyFind out if your computer has a keylogger installed

A keylogger is specialized software to capture and record all keystrokes that are made on a computer. They were created with the purpose of being used to provide security to businesses, companies and families.

Unfortunately there are people who misuse this tool and use it to steal all the user information, user names and passwords mostly both email accounts as bank accounts and credit cards.

That is why we must be ever vigilant to prevent these types of programs are installed on our computer by unscrupulous people. Then here we give many clues to help you know if your computer has a keylogger and tell you how to remove it.

Invasion of privacy

If you have installed a keylogger on your computer, probably you begin to suspect when it iss too late.

Do not forget that the function of these programs is to record everything you type on your keyboard, for that reason if you used your email accounts or have entered your social networking accounts could someone already have your passwords.

With your passwords that person can access to all your information, make all the changes you want and even change your password to steal your account.

Internet Banking

It is very popular to use the internet to do all banking and financial transactions. There are many sites where you can do your shopping and all through your credit or debit card or by direct payment from your bank account.

For this reason, if your computer is infected with a keylogger and perform any of these operations, the person who installed it and have the information of your accounts and passwords, and he can shop with your card or transfers to other accounts.

Now that you know the two main threats from the keylogger, we will tell you how you can do to check your computer and detect if a keylogger installed on it.

Use the control panel

A keylogger is software as all those you use on your computer, therefore it can be installed on your PC with other ones. One option you have is to check the control panel and then enter the list of installed programs.

Review them and if you find one you have not installed that has a suspicious threat, you can copy the name to do a search on Google, if you find that it is a keylogger you can uninstall it.

Antivirus and AntiKeylogger

Some keylogger can be installed directly on your computer by a malicious person but most of the keylogger is installed via the Internet, either through fake e-mail messages that claim you can click on a link or page through questionable content that you install the keylogger when you click on them.

To prevent your computer from being infected is very important that you have installed a good antivirus and keep it updated, so if a keylogger want to log into your computer, the site containing it will be blocked and will give notice antivirus what occurred.

Antikeylogger software is also available, which you can install on your computer, you will install protection against keyloggers and make a search on your computer system eliminating any keylogger is installed.

Online Scanner

If you do not have an antivirus, or the one you have is outdated, for you can use any of the online antivirus versions that are on the Internet.

It is recommended that you use whatever offered by the most renowned companies in the field of antivirus such as Eset, Avast, Panda, etc. Visit the website of one of these companies to find out the option to scan your computer online.

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