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When we surf the internet we expose our computer to all kinds of viruses and malware that can infect your system causing loss of data, personal data theft or malfunction of our PC.

Such viruses are hidden behind websites to which we are led by false and flashy links that promise to show us a video or song or any other thing. They can also come hidden within a mass mailing or in a file you download from a site unreliable.

Every day viruses grow in number and sophistication, reaching the point that actually having installed your antivirus is not guarantee that our PC is not going to infect.

For this reason antivirus vendors offer in their web pages online antivirus version, which can run for free to review our PC effectively and eliminate any threat is found. The great advantage of these online antivirus is that are always updated and that gives us a greater guarantee of effectiveness. Here we bring you a list of the best antivirus online.


Its online antivirus version is Bitdefender QuickScan, it is a simple application that downloads quickly and runs in minutes, showing whether any malicious application is running on your computer. Its speed is due to the fact that it searches active virus in the memory. To use this antivirus you can enter the page


One of the most recognized antivirus companies worldwide is ESET, which brings us its online version ESET Online Scanner, with which we can do a thorough and effective analysis to our computer completely, thus being able to find and remove threats active and inactive, including those are within compressed files.

Additionally with this antivirus online, unknown viruses may be eliminated, because it uses updated virus databases. To download and run the online version, you should visit the


This is another good option to use when it comes to online antivirus. The online tool designed by called Panda, names Panda Active Scan 2.0 and one of its most notable advantages is its great ability to detect malicious software, and it is also compatible with the web browser you are using and always have the most current version.

Remember it is completely free, so if you want you can use it visiting its site

Mc Afee

Another of the most recognized companies worldwide in the field of antivirus is McAffee and its online version, called Mac Afee Security Scan Plus, it will be possible to scan your computer for viruses quickly and effectively.

Its download is agile and analysis is able to check up the browsing history for malicious software. In order to download and use it you should join the website

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