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It has come to the conclusion that people who achieve greater efficiency in the performance of their daily activities are those who feel a strong motivation that drives them to achieve the best results.

In the same way when employers are seeking candidates for a position, they typically perform labor questions which reveal whether job candidates have some reasons personal and professional level. To increase your chances of getting a work place you must write on your resume not only your skills, but also what are your goals in the workplace.

Think about how you would answer a question like the one given by the title of this article. Well then, we bring you some examples of career goals that you can write on your resume and which you can also use to answer questions like the one you propose.

List of career goals for your resume:

choose one of the goals that we bring you below and place it on your resume to define your work motivation. You can modify it according to your profile and type of use to which you apply.

:: “My professional goal is to link me to a company that allows me greater professional growth through experience and contact with other employees”
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:: “I want to apply all the knowledge I have gained in my studies and in this way get good results in my work”
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:: “My main professional goal is to provide quality service, agile and dynamic performance for the best”
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:: “I want to be part of a national leader company, because I have the skills and knowledge required for coping management area”
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:: “I have always enjoyed a challenge because I have skills to find the answer to the various problems that arise in an organization”
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:: “My career goal is to make a line of career within a multinational company to highlight in my profession and be better every day”
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:: “I look for any job that allows me to operate all types of textile machinery, and I am passionate about the various applications of mechanics”
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:: “I have a job to help me solve my studies while allowing me to grow professionally”
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:: “My main goal is to get my own house, for that I want a job where I can afford my expenses and savings program that eventually allows me to access a home loan, in addition to finding job security”
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Why do you want to join our company?

By the time your interviewer make this question, you must be clear and precise when giving your answer and tell you what is your motivation to work. This response is vital as it will allow your employer to know what things drive you to give the best effort in work. You could use an answer like the following below:

:: “Because I want to be part of a recognized company that allows me to gain more experience, if you select me for this position I will give the best results to the company”.
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In the same way you can use the professional goals as we have said, but always keep in mind the main motivation.

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