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job websites, job tips, work tipsFind a job in Italy through the internet

Ever since the internet appeared, the World Wide Web has penetrated more and more into various aspects of our lives by providing many activities, creating new opportunities that were previously unimaginable and catching up.

Today it is possible to search for a job through the internet and apply for a job announcement, not only in your country but anywhere in the world.

In this article we will discuss about finding a job in Italy and tell you what the best internet job boards are to find jobs in the European nation. Use them and you will surely find more than one job offer that is of your interest.

Trabajos – Hispavista

This is the webpage of Hispavista which is specialized in finding jobs in Italy and it has a simple interface that, through its browser, will allow you to find job openings that match your job profile.

The only data you need is the name and category of job you want. If this page is useful to you and you want to share it with your social networking contacts, then you can do so through the icons of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn you can find on the bottom of the page. To access this webpage go into


This is an Italian webpage specialized in the publication of classified ads on the internet, among them we can find many interesting jobs which are grouped into various categories within which we can find engineering, computing, accounting, secretarial, etc.

By clicking on one of them you will be able to see the list of job offers and select the ones that are of your interest to obtain the contact information to send your resume. You can recommend this page to your contacts from Facebook using the link at the bottom. Enter to this webpage at

Job rápido

This is a practical page that will help you in your search for a job not only in Italy but also in many other countries.

Use the search box on this page by entering the information you are requested, such as the country, a word related to the job you want and the city you wish to work in.

Check the list of results that will appear and click on the offer that is of your interest to see the contact information, as well as the requirements and other important data. The address of this webpage is


This is a website which specializes in classified ads for all areas worldwide, including a section for job offers, and we have included it as it is used by many Italian companies to post their job openings.

To do a search you just have to enter the work section and you will see a list of job vacancies listed by date of publication, starting with the most recent ones to the oldest. Use the search box to customize your search. Enter this webpage at

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