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job websites, job tips, work tipsLooking for employment in Spain through the Internet

Search for a job from your home is now a reality and all thanks to the Internet.

In it you can find many websites specialized in job searches or websites that are connected to employment bureaus through which you can perform a search according to your professional profile to see offers that are of interest and find all the information related to these such as working hours, contact e-mail address to send your resume to and the profile requested by the employer.

Job searching on the Internet is not limited to your city of origin and your country; it can also be international and include other countries such as Spain. In this article we will tell you what the best websites with information on job opportunities in this European nation are.


This is a website specialized in posting job offers from Spain and Latin America. It features a convenient search tool using basic data such as job name, city and time the offer has been online to show you a list of offers which may be of your interest.

Once you have found the one that catches your eye, you can click on it to view additional information. You also have the option to search by companies to see the current deals offered. You can access this page at:


Through this online employment bureau, you can find a job of your interest quickly and easily. Just use your browser to fill in the requested information, as the province of Spain in which you want to work and job category, after this you will see a complete list of job openings.

You also have the option to only view the latest deals out there on the page. You can also have the option to subscribe in this website to receive job offers directly to your email along with some tips that will be of much help in the job search.


Through this webpage you can have access to the best job offers in an easy way, and all thanks to your browser. To use it you must enter some basic information such as job category, city and a keyword that describes the job you want.

Another option you have on this page is a list of companies that stand out for offering the most job offers and also see the latest job offers published on this site. To access this page, just enter


Through this page you can ask for the best job offers in Spain. Use your browser to see a complete list of job openings that match with your job profile.

You also have the option to subscribe to this webpage in order to upload your resume and in this way make it available to the hundreds of companies that use this site daily for personal search, if some of these companies are interested in hiring your services, they will contact you. The address of this page is


trabajos is another page that will help you in the search of a job in Spain. It has a search engine, a list of the companies with the most offers and various links where you can find many tips that will be very useful to develop a curriculum and present your interview. You can enter this webpage at

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