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employment tips, migration, work for engineersEngineering areas with the best remunerations in Canada

Within all that many countries for foreign workers, Canada is one of the best ones. Many professionals from around the world find Canada as an attractive destination for labor power.

Within all professions required in Canada, engineering highlights as one of the most important as this country has a high degree of industrialization. Any professional engineer that has adequate experience in international accreditation is qualified to practice engineering in Canada and receive excellent remuneration.

Then we mention below the most important engineering fields in which an engineer can be required with the highest paid in the Canadian nation; also we give you an additional information like the average of salary and the type of companies that require them.

Software Engineers

Canada has a high degree of industrialization, as well as the latest technology , for this reason the whole industry is automated.

This is where software engineers get into action as they must create all the necessary applications for the various sectors within an industry can function as a unit.

The average hourly wage for these professionals is between $ 30 and $ 32 for a monthly total that ranges between $ 4,600 and $ 4,800. Among the companies that require these professionals, the one who highlight is those on the telecommunications sector .

Systems Engineers

These professionals are also required by Canadian industries and there is an increased demand in the different companies of the financial sector.

The average salary is the same as software engineers, between $ 30 and $ 32 an hour. One thing we can note is that there is a greater possibility of obtaining greater compensation if you have any expertise held in Canada.

Chemical Engineers

Canada is a nation known for its oil fields, which make up an important sector in the economy. The companies engaged in the extraction and processing of oil and its derivatives require Chemical Engineers, oil and all related with the field.

The hourly rate varies from $ 28 to $ 30 for a monthly total of between $ 4400 and $ 4500. The major Canadian city with most industries in hydrocarbons sector is Alberta, which has additionally the largest oil reserves.

Environmental Engineers

Canada is a country in which the consciousness of environmental care is very high for this reason all mining industries require energy and environmental engineers.

The hourly wage for these engineers is between $ 26 and $ 32, for a monthly total of between $ 4300 and $ 4800. One of the cities in Canada that require more professionals in this field is the city of Alberta because it has large reserves of natural gas.


The agricultural sector is one of the most important sectors of the Canadian economy. Highlights grain plantings that make up a good portion of Canadian exports .

This sector requires Agronomists, which can receive per hour between $ 26 and $ 30 for a monthly payment of $ 4300 to $ 4500. Alberta City stands within the agricultural sector as it is the seat of the two largest companies in this sector: Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Industrial Engineers

The high degree of industrialization of Canada makes that a great part of their companies require engineers, especially those that make products for final consumption of people. The hourly wage for these professionals varies between $ 25 and $ 28 for a monthly fee of between $ 4,200 and $ 4,400.

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