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Over the last few years, we have witnessed a great evolution in technology which has come in leaps and bounds up to the point in which we are not aware of some of the latest developments. And just a decade ago, mobile phones were way too expensive, extremely large and very heavy equipment. Now a days, mobile phones have evolved to be economical , lightweight and incorporate applications above that beforehand could only be found in other electronic devices such as the possibility of watching television, enjoying video games, having a music player, a radio tuner and access to the Internet .

If we want to describe in a simple phrase one of the modern cell phones, then we would say that they are small computers that fit in our pocket, and so that is why maybe they are called smart phones or Smartphones. One of the options that stands out of these computers is their access to the Internet, which has become so common that desktops are being left behind and so they are being replaced by laptops, cellphones and tablets. The great advantage of Internet access on your laptop computer is that you can access this service almost anytime and almost anywhere, all thanks to Wi-Fi networks, which allow you to access a wireless internet connection.

In almost every home and commercial stores we can find Wi-Fi networks, most of which are protected by a security code to prevent unauthorized access to them. If your mobile device is within the coverage area of one of these networks and accounts, the you can access the Internet with the authorized key.

Depending on the technology that comes with your mobile device, your Internet browsing speed will vary. There are also many companies that offer mobile internet on your phone, with these plans you can access the Internet from anywhere, depending on the quality of the signal. Within the navigation plans there are two types of technology with different speeds at which you can access the internet, depending on your mobile device. These are the 2G and 3G technologies, the latest of which is more modern and gives you a faster connection. If your mobile device supports 3G networks, then you can have this service.

But if you want to connect to the Internet through your phone using Wi -Fi networks, you have to go to the settings option and look for Wi -Fi, once there, look for the network to which you are connecting, set the key and locate yourself in a place where there is good signal. This way you can always navigate in an agile way whenever you are in an area where the signal is strong.

Do not forget that technology is not bad, but you should not abuse it. Remember that exercise is very important for the health and you should avoid a sedentary life. Make technology be at your service and do not become a slave of it. If your phone does not allow you to access the Internet, think about what mobile device you would like in order to keep in touch with friends through the network.

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