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Nursing is a profession that is much needed in every country in the world as the population continues growing and with the current lifestyle, diseases are affecting more and more people every time. Among all countries that require nurses, Dubai is the highlight.

This is a nation that is part of the UAE, noted for its wealth and for providing excellent job opportunities to foreign personnel, within this we find nurses. Then we will tell you what requirements are needed to work as a nurse in Dubai and what are the advantages of working in this nation.


Working as a nurse in Dubai covers a wide range of opportunities ranging from the economic to the professional.

Dubai is a nation that is rich and infrastructural, it is for this reason that its hospitals and clinics are equipped with the latest technology and, as an additionally feature, within its medical staff, they have the best doctors, the best prepared and those of more experience.

The hospitals in this nation are recognized worldwide for their quality and excellent service. For that reason is that the stars of international cinema and music and great politicians come to them. For these reasons, working as a nurse in Dubai will be a valuable work experience with professional and economic gains.

If we talk about the economic field we will see that nurses who work in this nation have the best salary and benefits in the world. The hourly wage working is around 25 Euros, among other employment benefits during the first year of the contract.

For the second year the salary increase is 30 % for those nurses who have done an excellent job and have been re-signed. Finding where to live in Dubai is not a problem since all hospitals have housing blocks for their workers and totally free of charge, also nurses should not worry about food or for transportation as everything is included.


in order to serve as a nurse in Dubai, you must meet the following requirements.

Visa: You must have a work visa. This is valid for one year, which is the same duration of the contract, and may be renewed annually provided you have the relevant contract renewed.

Language: It is essential to have a complete grasp of the English language as it is the language with which you will communicate with other health professionals in hospitals, but when you are filing in Dubai must initiate the study of Arabic.

Professional Title: All professional staff working in Dubai must have completed studies, have graduated and have at least one year of experience in their field. The only exception to this rule is the agreement which some graduates of higher education institutions have with various hospitals in this nation.

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