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Heartfelt happy anniversary
messages with images

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Are you searching for Happy anniversary wishes for my Girlfriend , Anniversary letters for lovers , Happy anniversary texts , Love anniversary cards to dedicate on your anniversary to that person you have by your side and who you love a lot ? , you are in the right place.

We leave you here beautiful anniversary texts to express your love to who represents a huge part of your life. We hope you celebrate this day with love and joy.

Remember that you will also find short and emotional “Whatsapp happy anniversary text messages for to send to your sweet half one on such a special day as celebrating a new anniversary.

What to write in an
anniversary card to Girlfriend?

:: “I wanted to be happy, so I longed to meet someone who gave me peace of mind and a lot of love and I was lucky to meet you”.Happy Anniversary my life”.

:: “Thank you for all the years by your side, we are near to closing another year of understanding, tolerance, respect and love”.Happy Day, my heart”.

:: “We are together for a long time, my love, it is as if time has passed in the blink of an eye, the most beautiful thing is that I feel happy by your side. “Congratulations”.

:: “On this date of our anniversary I want to confess that you have changed my life, I do not know how you have managed to understand me, all I know is that I feel so happy”.

:: “We will celebrate with the whole family another year of our union, our children are also a great part of it. Congratulations”.

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Heartfelt happy anniversary messages
with images

:: “Every day of my life is blessed with your presence, I hope that all the years to come are as beautiful as they are today. “Happy Anniversary my love”.

:: “This year has been wonderful by your side, I thank God for giving me that blessing and you for tolerating me as I am. I love you so much darling and I wish you a Happy Anniversary”.

:: “I want to enjoy with you my love, of all the good things that this world sends us, because my premonition tells me that we will be united all that is left of life. I love you”.

:: “On this precious day I will only express something that I have never told you, I feel madly in love with you, “Happy Anniversary my heart”.

:: “This love is eternal because you have an angel and a charisma with which you have enchanted me in such a way that I cannot separate from you. Happy Anniversary to us”.

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Sweet Happy Anniversary
to say to your Girlfriend

:: “I have hope in this life that we live, you give me the love I need to be happy and I feel that my love makes your soul great”.Happy Anniversary sweetheart”.

:: “I adore you my love, we have had days of joy and nights of delirium, everything we have experienced has made us love and accept ourselves as we are. Happy Day my life”.

:: “I send you a greeting for our anniversary, although we are far away, I want you to know that for me it is as if you were by my side, hugging and feeling your warmth”.

:: “You were and you will be the hidden treasure that one day I found to keep it in my heart and make it grow over time”.Happy Anniversary darling”.

:: “A beautiful smile does not only belong to a woman, a man who smiles is also charming because he expresses total happiness to the one he loves. Happy Anniversary”.

Most romantic quotes &
cute ways to say ‘I Love You’

:: “Your beautiful eyes ask me to kiss you, I will keep that kiss for the night when I will give you a big hug and say Happy Anniversary my love”.

:: “I can’t live without seeing you, it was what I always told you when we were in love, now as spouses I feel happier than ever to celebrate another anniversary”.

:: “It was worth waiting, until I found in my life the person who would fill that void that has been my only company for so long. I wish you a Happy Anniversary”.

:: “Our time of love has been and will continue to be the most important in our lives. I miss you whenever you’re not by my side. Happy Anniversary”.

We leave the most “beautiful anniversary text  messages to dedicate to the love of your life through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Hopefully you can use all the sweet anniversary phrases to flatter your partner when celebrating another year of relationship.

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Nice letters for my Girlfriend
on our first anniversary

The first anniversary of every relationship deserves a very special celebration as this is the first year together and it represents the strength of the relationship which indicates that his love is on track.

If it will soon be your anniversary, you have to prepare something special to surprise your love, do not forget that you should be original and take the opportunity to express all the good feelings that his/her love awakened in you.

One of the details may be a little note full of much romance in which you express your love and your best feelings. Here we bring you two examples of notes, personalize the one you like and send it to your girlfriend, you will see that she will love it.

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Happy anniversary love letter
to girlfriend

From: Lucas
To: Noelia

Hello my Princess:

I am sending you this note because today is a very wonderful day for us. It seems like it was only yesterday when we began this beautiful love story, it’s been a year since we started and have lived unforgettable moments together. There are many beautiful memories that I have and there are so many things

I would like to say, however I do not know where to start. Each moment we have shared has been very special, you are my better half and, thanks to you, I discovered how wonderful the feeling of love is.

Only you understand me and love me as I am. I love kissing your lips because I feel like I was in paradise.

By your side I learned many wonderful things; it is you who inspires me to be better every day. I cannot imagine how my life would be if you would not be here with me, since you offer me all the happiness I need.

I love you like I never imagined.

Happy anniversary quotes for boyfriend.#AnniversaryWishesForBoyfriend,#AnniversaryMessagesForBoyfriend,#AnniversaryWishes, #AnniversaryPhrases Happy Anniversary my love
sweet letter

From: Alberto
To: Diana

My beloved Diana:

I am sending you this note because in this day I am very happy to have your love. A year ago we started this wonderful story of love and today, more than ever, I feel that it was the best decision we have ever made.

You are very important in my life, so I want to summarize in a few lines that I feel extremely happy to have your love. In your eyes I feel like I am lost, because I can see inside of them the entire purity and sincerity that is in your soul. Only you are able to transport me to a wonderful world.

I feel I am the happiest guy on earth because I have you with me, in this year I have spent a great time relationship with you and every day I realize that we really are made for each other.

I could not live without you because you are the reason for my existence. The love I have for you is so immense that I could never finish. On this special day I want to tell you that I will always love you and no one will take the place that you occupy in my heart.

These examples of notes for my girlfriend on your first anniversary are written with love, your girl will like you to send any of them.

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