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reasons to study translation, why to study translation, job opportunities for translatorsImportance of studying the career of translation and interpretation

The increase of business and personal relationships in the world today, as well as technological advances have made it clear how important it is to improve channels of communication through language skills (at least two extra languages to your native language) and universities have implemented the translation and interpreting career, to form quality professionals supplied with technology tools.

Globalization has not only caused the free market (commercial product exchange) between not developed countries and the United States, Japan, European Union and China, it has also led to increased flow of tourism, business or migration, which has also made it necessary for people to be ready to communicate in another language other than their native languages like the ones with more commercial demand like English and Chinese, this demand is expected to be covered with the career of translation and interpretation offered by universities.

When studying the landscape of education in Spanish speaking countries, language teaching has been restricted to low-level institutions and with some exceptions in the universities, for which to make a difference it has been created the career of translation and interpretation, with the aim to produce graduates capable of translating and interpreting texts in a different languages. Its duration is 5 years and you will come out with a degree in Translation and Interpretation.

The career of translation and interpretation is based on training people for the translation of texts, like articles, books, business and legal documents in non-native languages in which may be required public or judicial proceedings, there are also professionals engaged in audiovisual translation, which includes film, television, videos and video games, and some can be devoted to oral interpretation, given in public, academic and judicial situations.

This career does not only seek to provide a grammarian understanding of the target language, it also aims to give tools to identify the context of the creation of written or audiovisual material to make the translation and interpretation in the most appropriate way.

For best results in the teaching of translators and interpreters, the career provides technological tools attached to the computing science, it also gives mnemonic courses that may help to improve their translation skills.

The work area for professionals in Translation and Interpretation is wide, as they can work in embassies, judicial agencies, publishing companies, travel agencies, tourism, agencies related to foreign trade, transnational corporations, companies in the entertainment world doubling voices in movies, teaching in technical schools and universities, media companies, financial companies, banks and NGOs.

Recently, universities have increased the Portuguese language, due to the significant economic growth in Brazil in recent periods. In other universities it has been included in the curriculum the study of French.

A graduate of the translation and interpretation career gets above normal average salaries in the labor market, a future job can be easily found in web pages. Finding a job abroad as professional in translation and interpretation, could result in non-governmental organizations and international institutions such as the United Nations.

The job opportunities may be found in different online sites that have job boards. The job prospects of finding a job outside of your country being a professional in translation and interpretation are higher in international organizations like the UN, UNESCO and FAO.

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