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The letter of ultimatum payment is a resource that a natural person can do for a legal claim or for the cancellation cost for any product service offered. It works as a final warning before resorting to legal action according to the current legislation, to claim the payment due.

There is a similar form called payment order but should not cause any confusion since this is the first step of legal action and sent the ultimatum when payment has not been met by the accused.

There are various reasons why a payment ultimatum letter is written, these can be for the non-payment of a bill of exchange, by the continued non-payment of rent, etc.. To give an example that will help you to write your letter of ultimatum we bring you three examples. Personalize it and use the one that fits your needs.

Free ultimatum payment letter sample 1:

Ottawa, September 20th, 2013

Lady Andrea Guzman
45 Street No 980

My name is Alfredo Alvarez, a lawyer by profession, and act on behalf of Mr. Adolfo Fernández. The reason for this is to give an ultimatum to the cancellation of debt of $ 2000, which you contracted with my client, within a period not exceeding 20 calendar days.

To cancel the debt can approach my office on 23 Street No 722 during office hours from 8am to 5pm.

Note that if you fail to pay within the stipulated time limit, my client and I will initiate legal actions that correspond according to the law.

Best regards,


Free ultimatum payment letter sample 2:

Santiago, September 25th, 2013

Mr. Marcelo Sanabria
Huanchullán Street. 340

I, Ana Paredes, identified with ID No 8763020, am contacting you through this in order to give an ultimatum to the cancellation of the rental for the months of August and September the premises located in the market center.

The total amount owed is $ 600 and the deadline for cancellation is 15 days from the date. Remember to cancel this account is available the account 670-39472584 on the Continental Bank.

If that does not comply with the cancellation of the debt, the lease will be terminated and we will take legal action in the case for months due claim compensation for breach of contract.

Best regards,


Free ultimatum payment letter sample 3:

Lima, October 10th, 2013

Mr. Pedro Jimenez
Pachuco Street No 550

Through this paper I demand compliance by the relevant payment to the bill of exchange No A34908 in the amount of S/. 4000, which expired last August. The term I give is 10 calendar days from the date.

You can cancel the amount approaching my home located on No 765 Independencia Avenue any day between the hours of 5pm to 8pm. Remember in case of not cancel the debt within the limit period of time I will see on the obligation to take legal action last case.

Best regards,

Carolina Mendez

ID: 48563410

Use the model you like and personalize it according to your case so that you can receive your payment or be supported to initiate legal action.

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