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Are you searching for sweet birthday letters to your sister ? .For those of us who have had the joy of sharing our lives since we came into this world with a sister, we know how special it means to have one.

Together, sisters, ever since the beginning of life, they know each other and between joy and sorrow they learn to love each other, to share everything they have and so they create relationships that are difficult to break.

It is often very hard for us to put into words the feelings of love, tenderness and gratitude that a sister awakes in us, so that is where we can make use of a nice letter, in which you can express your feelings of happiness, nostalgia and gratitude for all you have lived together until today.

We offer you two models of little notes to help you express yourself better.

Example 1 of a birthday letter for my sister

Dear sister:

With all my heart I wish you a lot of happiness on your birthday!

It is pleasant to remember when mom brought you home for the first time and you looked like a cute little doll, we wanted to play with you, and since then that is how I remember you, like the baby I always have to care for and always accompany you, watch over your dreams and ensure you celebrate your triumphs and open my arms for you whenever you need comfort; life made us follow different paths, but that does not mean that we have to stop seeing each other and stop worrying for one another.

You know I love you and I always remember you with affection and tenderness, because you mean that to me, you have always been and always will be my little sister, and today that is your birthday I pray to God for him to give you the strength you need and to make you a woman of great spirit and so you know how to face the challenges that life will set in your way with wisdom and prudence.

United always in the good and in bad,

Your sister that loves you.

Example 2 of a birthday letter for my sister

Dear sister:

On this special day for you, because it is your birthday, I want to say through this little note, how much your presence has meant in my life, because from you learned everything good in my being.

Thank you so much dear sister for everything you gave me, you are the greatest, never forget the great times we spent together and every day that we enjoyed together; probably over the course of the years we will have to follow our different and separate ways, but you will never stop being my older sister, the one who has always been my example and guide.

I am so proud of you, all that you have accomplished so far in your life, you are a woman worthy of imitation, generous everywhere, always ready to help, whenever I needed of your time you never denied it to me, you were always there willing to fully support me.

I pray to God to keep you with a good health so we can enjoy for many more years an unforgettable day like this and even though we have different ways, the love of sisters lasts in our hearts which will be an eternal bond in every circumstance of our lives.

May happiness reign in your heart always, are the desires of your sister who always loves you.

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