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Cute New Year’s

download beautiful happy New Year messages for friends
Looking for best happy New Year greetings cards for Facebook ? ,What to write in a New Year card ?.There is no better time to forgive and to brighten our hearts than during Christmas, so it is an excellent idea to share beautiful Happy Holidays words to your friends.

Friendship also has a place in these Holidays, so show it to your friends by sending beautiful Christmas and New Year dedications through social networks.

On this occasion we will share with you the most original messages to congratulate your friends on Christmas and New Year; they will be very useful to send your best wishes.

Get happy New Year quotes
for Whatsapp & FB

:: “Dear friends, we fill our hearts with the best feelings so that this Christmas is full of happiness and the New Year brings us much prosperity. Congratulations!”.

:: “I have a hug to give to each of my friends and I also have good wishes to share with them in the New Year because I want to see them successful and happy”.

:: “Thank you for your company throughout this year, I know that life will reward you with great things in this New Year. I wish you a Happy Christmas!”.

:: “The best of Christmas is not under the tree but in our hearts and the best of the New Year is to give us the opportunity to believe that everything will be better. Happy Holidays!”.

:: “My heart is full of gratitude and appreciation for my friends who have given me unforgettable moments throughout this year. I want you to enjoy a Merry Christmas and have a great New Year”.Wishing you a happy New Year darling Whatsapp messages

Find happy holidays & happy New Year
Messenger text message

:: “I don’t want these Holidays to end without sharing a greeting to wish millions of congratulations to my friends at Christmas and much prosperity in the New Year”.

:: “My warmest regards to all my friends this Christmas, I wish you happiness, peace and love and a New Year where all your dreams come true”.

:: “I wish that the spirit of Christmas touches the hearts of each one of you so that happiness abounds in your homes and the New Year brings you thousands of congratulations”.

:: “Thank you for letting me into your world and for sharing with me so many beautiful moments. Have a very Happy Christmas and a New Year full of triumphs!”.

:: “Simply feel the spirit of Christmas so that happiness invades our hearts and we are filled with hope with the arrival of the New Year. Congratulations to all my friends!”.

:: “Friends, let’s recharge our hearts of love and hope during this Christmas and this New Year so that our lives are better. I wish you many congratulations!”.happy New Year wishes for friends, family, & Whatsapp status

Short happy New Year wishes to
friends and family on Whatsapp

:: “May in the New Year the sorrows be changed by joys and all our plans succeed. Merry Christmas and much prosperity to my friends!”.

:: “You are a very special person, your heart is full of many dreams and desires to fulfill and I know that this New Year will be very good for you. Happy Holidays!”.

:: “May the magic of Christmas invade our homes, but above all our hearts so the New Year will bring us love, peace and much happiness. I love you, my friends!”.

:: “Congratulations friends! We have the power to make this a better place to live, why don’t we keep the happiness that Christmas brings us and the hope that the New Year leaves us?”.

:: “Let each one of our smiles shine like a star in the sky so that this Christmas and this New Year are full of light, love and happiness”.

Happy happy New Year status for
Whatsapp wishes

:: “Friends, you are a great treasure that life gave me, that’s why I dedicate this greeting hoping you have a very happy Christmas and a magnificent New Year”.

:: “The magic of Christmas is so beautiful that we should keep it during the 365 days of the New Year. Friends, I send you a huge hug!”.

:: “I wish that the happiness of Christmas and the illusion of the New Year will inspire us to build a better future. I send my congratulations to all my friends!”.

:: “The beautiful memories that this Christmas will leave us will be the best cabal to welcome the New Year. Friends, may happiness be on your side forever!”.

:: “A great friend like you is very difficult to find and therefore very valuable. I wish you many congratulations on Christmas and great successes in the New Year”.

:: “Let us be like little children, receive Christmas with great joy and start the New Year with overflowing optimism. I wish you many blessings!”.

In these Holidays there is no better experience than sharing our love with others, so you will feel very good when sending cute Merry Christmas and Happy New Year texts to your friends.

Use social networks to share the best friendship phrases at all times.Cute happy New Year Whatsapp status images

Download magical
New Year love messages

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are the two most special dates throughout the year, and they are approaching faster than expected.

For these two last month of the year holidays we all get excited because they are really special days when we can renew our spirits.

Christmas Eve is a very special occasion as all our loved ones gather together and enjoy and share very beautiful moments remembering that over 2000 years ago baby Jesus was born.

This way we can enjoy experiences that will always be kept in our hearts as treasured memories.

The arrival of a New Year means the start of a new stage in our lives, in which we set new goals and want to make some positive changes in our lives. In order to celebrate these events, we gather with our friends and together we put aside all the negative things that happened last year.

With these messages we offer you on the lines below, you can express your good wishes to all the people who have a special and important place in your heart.New Year card messages & wishes

Download best end-year
holidays messages

:: “May the arrival of Christmas bring an immense joy to your heart may you feel happy celebrating Christmas along with your family. All the best! ”

:: “All the experiences lived during the year that is ending will be helpful as they have helped us to learn many things. May you have a year full of much success and may the Lord bless you always. Happy 20… ! ”

:: “Christmas is arriving once again and it is an ideal occasion for our hearts to get full of tender feelings. All the best and may all of you spend a nice Christmas Eve! ”

:: “May you have many success in this New Year and I hope you can harvest all the fruits of your effort. I wish you all the best and may you have a wonderful 20”.

:: “God gives us our life and now he is giving us one more year for us to enjoy to the fullest. May this be a very special day, I wish you all the best dear friends and family”.New Year love messages – sweet romantic wishes

How do you wish someone
a Happy New Year?

:: “I hope that after tonight everything is pure joy in your life. I hope you can always go ahead with the conviction that things will be better and if there are any obstacles, remember that they will make you stronger for the rest of your life. Have a nice eve dear cousin! ”

:: “You have to prepare on this day to receive a year that will be unforgettable. I know that things will go well for you as you are a great person and you deserve all the best. Happy and prosperous … 20xx ! ”

:: “I ask the Lord to bless you and fill your home with much peace and joy. May you remember every day of your life how much God loves you. I wish you a beautiful Christmas ! ”

:: “All the desires we have are left only in our minds if we do nothing to see them accomplished. I hope that in this New Year bravery and perseverance are your teammates to never give up. Happy 20 … ! ”

:: “It is my wish that for this Christmas Eve the most special thing for you is to enjoy wonderful moments with your loved ones. Have a sweet Christmas! ”

Best Happy New Year
messages for Whatsapp

:: “I hope that throughout the year you have the same enthusiasm that accompanies you on this day . May you have much success and happiness in this 20xx ”

:: “I cannot give expensive gifts but what I can offer you abundantly is my sincere affection . I love you and I wish you much happiness for this Christmas Eve”.

:: “May all the things you dream about can become a reality and may your desires to become a better person always remain in your heart. Have a great year ! ”

:: “It is my sincerest wish that for this Christmas Eve and always, a spirit of love and peace reigns in your house. I wish you all the best dear friends and family! ”

:: “May the arrival of a New Year mean the start of a new stage in which you can enjoy an incomparable joy. I wish you much success, happy 20xx”.

What should I write in a
Happy New Year card ?

:: “The most special gift we can give them to all our loved ones is much love, and not just today but throughout the year. Have a beautiful Christmas! ”

:: “Let’s forget the sorrows and let’s celebrate that New Year has arrived. As of today everything can be improved if we try hard enough. Congratulations on this 20xx…. ! ”

:: “At the sound of the twelve chimes we will give each other a big hug remembering that Jesus was born. Let’s prepare to make it a memorable day, Merry Christmas! ”

:: “May the 365 days that are about to start be the happiest of your life and may you have a lot of success. From the bottom of my heart I say: Happy and prosperous 20 ”. !

We hope you have a nice Christmas and a great New Year. Share the phrases you liked the most with your friends and family for this Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve .Find heartfelt New Year love quotes

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