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The death of a loved one is a really very sad event. Who leave us, leave a great void in their family and friends. The families feel that the pain is so great that they will never be able to recover, as death is one of the most difficult situations to face.

Yet we know that this process takes some time so that we can overcome it. When you live an episode as sad as this is, it becomes necessary to give some comfort and support that will provide peace to the people closest to the bereaved.

In this section we leave a list of thoughts for death of a loved one.

Free list of condolences messages:

– “I am very shocked by the death of your father, this news has taken us all by surprise. However, we must recognize that the Lord led him to be at his side as it is a great person. My heartfelt condolences, friend. “
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– “It’s not easy to always be resigned to losing a loved one, but I want you to know that you have the full support of your family and your friends. You have to be strong and overcome this enormous sadness that comes over you. “
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– “I do not want to see you shed tears, remember that your grandmother is watching and she will be sad if feels you are sad too. Resignation friend, no one can escape from death.”
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– “Your mother was a beautiful person, if God has taken her from this world maybe it’s because in heaven they need her. You have not lost forever, one day you will see her again.”
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– “If a person has an incurable disease it is best to leave this life not to follow up with more pain. The soul of your father is released from an ugly disease. Now rest with the angels. Please do not suffer anymore. “
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– “I know that his death gives you a lot of grief and it is normal because you lived together and you are going to miss him, but you have to learn to overcome the bad times of life.”
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– “The loss of a family member causes us much pain because we refuse to accept it, however if you have faith in God you can live with the hope that someday we will all meet again.”
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– “She always taught you to overcome the difficulties, now that she is gone, honor his memory remembering with joy, for that is how she would like to see you. Receive more sensitive my condolences. “
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– “Some people after his departure left a void in our hearts. It takes time to recover, but that feeling of sadness can placate remembering the best moments you lived next to your best friend.”
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– “In memory of your father, you have to treasure the memories you have with him, maybe the Lord will make you closer together as a family. Get my deepest condolences. “
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– “A good way to remember your dad is still demonstrating the strength that he always instilled in you, I know it may sound hard, but you will have to do so.”
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We hope that these thoughts to dedicate to a friend who lost a loved one will be useful to give them the comfort they needed through this difficult situation.

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