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Nowadays, the rapid technological advances in the field of telecommunications open us up more and more possibilities and options, in real time, to chat with people anywhere in the world. This is also evidenced by the fact that accessing the network from smartphones is an increasingly common practice. The production plants of these devises also have a number of useful applications for communication purposes.

This is where WhatsApp Messenger is positioned. This new application for mobile phones –with Android and other related system – provides you real-time communication and power to share images, music or videos for free. In this article, we will tell you why it is good to use it and how to use it. We will also show you its benefits.

Access to the Application:

The first step to use the Whatsapp application is downloading it from Android Market or Google Play Store. Enter here and you will get it easily.

Advantages of Use

As mentioned before, the main use of this application is direct communication in real time. You can create group chats and send files of any type and format, photos, videos, music, recordings, among others. The use of this application is free for the first year of its download, and then a fee of approximately $0.99 is charged.

The delivery of messages sent by Whatsapp is secured in most cases. However, the delivery of the message will be more effective when it is connected to a wireless network while using 3G technology.

Another advantage of this application is to share your location with contacts you are chatting. This application is compatible with many models of smartphones known as BlackBerry, iPod Touch, iPad and all that work with the Android operating system, all of which are compatible with each other –in terms of the functions provided by Whatsapp. Users are benefited by being connected freely with the people they want from all around the world. Hence it is a useful application when we travel.

If you have friends who have a third generation mobile, recommend them to download Whatsapp Messenger in order to be better and more connected. Keep in mind that WhatsApp Messenger is an application which currently has millions of users around the world, so we can infer and assert that the offered service is top quality. Connect with your friends through Whatsapp and secure your communication with them.

We have provided some details about this innovative application that helps us stay connected to all the people we want. Save time, money and hassle by downloading and using WhatsApp Messenger.

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