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The world is filled with happiness and lots of light thanks to the presence of women, which is why they deserve to receive tender and original dedications in their day.

24 hours is too little to celebrate and honor such wonderful people, so we all should send beautiful congratulation phrases for Mother’s day as a detail born of the soul.

Sharing cute Mother’s day messages with one of your friends will be very simple thanks to the great ideas that we will show you below.

How to say happy Mother’s day to your friend

:: “The world has changed and will continue to do so thanks to the efforts of millions of women like you, true fighters with a heart of gold. Happy Mother’s day!”

:: “In your heart you have an unwavering strength and yet you are tender and kind, a great woman, an example to follow. Congratulations!”

:: “Thousands of hugs for all my friends on this Mother’s day and my sincere congratulations because you all fight with your hearts to get ahead.”

:: “Keep going demonstrating what you are capable of and face the world by conquering it with the power of your heart. Dear friend, I wish you a Happy Mother’s day. ”

:: “For all my friends who, with all their effort and dedication, strive to make their dreams come true, this message goes with my congratulations and best wishes. Keep going! ”beautiful Mother's day quotes to share with your Mom

Find best lovely Mother’s day greetings

:: “There is nothing that a woman cannot do and even more when it comes to fulfilling her wishes and dreams, you have shown it to me thousands of times and that is why I wish you a Happy Mother’s day.”

:: “What a great privilege it is to be a woman and what a huge challenge it is to show the world that we can go further than anyone has ever come before. Happy Mother’s day, my friend! ”

:: “Thank you for showing me that as women we should not feel weak and much less give up because we are strong, brave and determined. Happy Mother’s day, dear friend! ”

:: “Beyond our physical appearance, in our interior there is a wonderful heart full of the best feelings and unparalleled power. Dear friend, have a Happy Mother’s day! ”

:: “Nobody has the right to question us and much less to belittle us, we are valuable and we can achieve everything. Happy Mother’s day to all my friends! ”

Happy Mother’s Day, honey sweet phrases

:: “Women have a heart full of unconditional love, of tenderness, but also of courage. Happy Mother’s day to all my friends! ”

:: “We are billions in this world but still each one of us is unique and very special, we have a wonderful universe inside us. Happy Mother’s day!”

:: “My friend, my gratitude will always be with you for joining me even in my most difficult moments and celebrating my triumphs with me. I wish you many congratulations on Women’s Day! ”

:: “We are the product of the efforts and sacrifices of millions of women throughout history who have fought to defend their ideals. Happy Mother’s day, my friend! ”

:: “For me it has been a privilege to meet you and share so many moments of joy by your side. Let’s celebrate a Happy Mother’s day and fight for our dreams! ”What do you say to a friend on Mother's Day?

Sweet quotes I wish you a beautiful Mother’s Day

:: “The most sublime of God’s creations, that’s who we women are and we show it every day fighting and triumphing in everything we do. Congratulations to all my friends! ”

:: “Being a woman is enjoying life to the fullest, it is to do your best, it is to continue on our path without ever giving up. Happy Mother’s day, dear friends! ”

:: “Only God gave us the power to be creators of life and it is because we have a unique and very special heart. Let’s celebrate this Mother’s day today and forever!”

:: “With each and every one of our efforts we achieve an amazing change in this world, we write history and conquer our dreams. Happy Mother’s day!”

:: “Let’s show that there is nothing we cannot do, that the word” impossible “does not exist for us. For my best friend in this world I wish a Happy Mother’s day! ”

:: “Happy Mother’s day, my dear friend! Thank you for the sincerity of your friendship and for your valuable example that fills me with faith, courage and determination. ”

:: “Let’s get up proudly so that the world knows that we are here and that we will not leave until we achieve our goals. On this Mothers’s Day I wish you congratulations! ”

By sending the best congratulatory texts for Women’s Day we celebrate the courage, love and wisdom of God’s greatest creations, women. In a next opportunity visit us so you can share original congratulation messages on any occasion.beautiful Mom sayings for Mothers day

Happy Mother’s day messages
for Whatsapp

Having the love of your Mom’s children is a blessing, so you must continue to conquer her every day and for that purpose you can share romantic phrases for Mother’s Day with her.

It seems a very simple detail, but it has great value when you share it with all your heart, put your best feelings in beautiful Mother’s Day words for your wife.

If you are not very good at writing you don’t have to worry, we have prepared some tender Mother’s Day messages that you can share with the woman you love.

Get Happy Mother’s Day, my treasure love wordings

:: “This beautiful feeling that led us to unite our lives forever is bigger than ever and has given us some beautiful children. Happy Mother’s Day!”

:: “The difficult moments have strengthened our relationship and the happy ones have brought us love and joy without limit. Sweetie, Happy Mother’s Day! ”

:: “Happy Day, my heart! Our daughter is the result of our love and union, which fills me with joy without limit. Thank you for being an amazing Mother! ”

:: “With all my heart I will be forever grateful for the beautiful son you have given me, that is why on this Mother’s Day I wish you thousands of congratulations.”

:: “For your love and that of our children, I would be able to give my whole life because you are everything to me. Happy Day for the best Mother in the world! ”Mother's day whatsapp messages for my wife

Find awesome Mother’s Day words for Whatsapp

:: “You are the perfect woman for me, the owner of my heart and the Mother of our lovely children. I wish you congratulations on your day! ”

:: “With pride and joy I thank you for this beautiful home we have built and for our children who give us so much joy. Happy Mother’s Day!”

:: “You are the cornerstone of our home, the source of love and happiness of our family, and a Mother like no other. Congratulations!”

:: “Your heart full of love and courage is what allows you to give absolutely everything of yourself for our family. Happy Day, beautiful Mom! ”

:: “Every day I fall more in love with you and I am very happy at your side and that of our beloved children. I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day! ”

Sweet phrases I love you my heaven, Happy Mom’s Day

:: “When I leave work, my greatest desire is to return home to be with you and our children because we have a home full of love and joy thanks to you. Happy Mother’s Day!”

:: “You are the love of my life, my best friend and the Mother of my children, you are everything to me. I congratulate you for being a wonderful Mom and I wish you many blessings. ”

:: “Sweetie, you gave me the joy of becoming a Father and you give me the greatest joys of my life. I love you and wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day! ”

:: “Happy Mother’s Day, my wife! May the Lord bless you for being such a loving woman, a beautiful person and an excellent Mom. ”

:: “I will never get tired of telling you how much I love you and that you are the best among all the Mothers in this world. Happy Day, my queen! ”What do you write in a Mother's Day card for someone special?

Happy Mom’s Day best Messenger greetings

:: “You are the companion that destiny put in my way and that my heart chose as my wife and Mother of our son. I love you and wish you a Happy Day! ”

:: “The best decision of my whole life has been to marry you and to have a beautiful daughter by your side, I had never been so happy. Have a nice Mother’s Day! ”

:: “Not only today, but every day of your life, you deserve the best of us because you are a dedicated and loving Mother and wife. Happy Day!”

:: “I wanted to express my most sincere feelings, to remind you that you are the engine of our home and that we love you very much. Happy Mother’s Day, my darling. ”

You will wake up joy, love and much emotion in the heart of your better half with these cute Mother’s Day texts for your wife.

Surely you know many more women to congratulate on this day, so be prepared to dedicate original Mother’s Day poems to all of them.Mother's Day Messages from the heart

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