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au pair jobs, getting a job as au pair, travel as au pairHow can I get a job as Au Pair

When you are an Au Pair you live with a family in a country where people normally speak English, you will take care of children and you also will receive financial compensation for the work you develop.

The Au Pair Program is a program that allows you to know a new country, their culture, learn or improve a language and work legally.

This program exists in first world countries such as United States, Canada, Australia and European countries such as Germany or France. To access the program you must do so through companies that manage the program.

A main requirement for access to this program is to speak the English language or the language of the country, although you may not necessarily master to perfection. Companies that are responsible for the placement of candidates may send them to homes where mastering the language is not completely necessary.

It will be evaluated the level of language, whether English or another at the time of application.

Au Pair work has a work schedule, usually between 4-5 hours per day. Au Pairs receive a salary agreed in advance and must comply with certain requirements, including the cover letter.

This letter must be written in the language of the country receiving the applicant; it must be handwritten if possible. Also it must state who the applicant is and why she should work as an Au Pair.

So, in this letter it should be detailed the studies conducted by the applicant, her jobs or previous work experience, highlighting previous experience in childcare or household, availability of time, i.e. dates arrival and return.

The cover letter should be directed to the family where the applicant would work as Au Pair; this letter should begin with “Dear Family” or “Appreciated Family”.

This letter should be easy to read, should be written in plain language, it should not be very extensive.

Lima, 14 September 2012

Dear Family:

My name is Gaby and I just turned 23 years old, I am from Piura-Peru and I live in the city of Tumbes border with Ecuador where I just finished my Hospitality studies.

I have pleasure in working with children; I like to travel a lot i.e. learning about other cultures and people from other places, I have a lot of experience in children care as I have three younger brothers: Pedrito of 2 years old, Javier and Diego of 5 and 7 years respectively.

With them and my parents Francisco and Karina we use to go on excursions every weekend and I’m the one who plays with them and take care of them. Besides, I always helped at home in the kitchen and cleaning and all the other house chores.

My nomination for Au Pair, is because I want to live this experience with a family like yours in a country different from mine, this also would help me a lot to improve my English, learn your culture and visit important cities like yours. I send many greetings and blessings,

Best Regards,

Gaby Clara Russell Garcia


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