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Usually when we began a romance and we are in love, sending SMS with our partner are important to communicate our love; so we spent a lot of time sending romantic messages to tell how attracted we are, how much we miss him; also, that we need him by our side or just to tell him the things that have happened while sending pictures. But when night falls and go to sleep, feel want to send an SMS to our loved one, for him to rest and dream about us or just to tell him how much love we feel.

In this article, we will show you a list of messages. Choose the best one for you and send it to your loved; so he can have sweet dreams. Remember that, sending a SMS is a nice and romantic gesture that we should not forget although years pass by. Dedicating a sweet SMS at night is a sweet way for not cool down the passion between you both.

Free list of messages to wish sweet dreams to my partner:

:: “Before you go to sleep and the end of the day, I want to tell you how much love I feel for you and also that I feel an immense happiness when I sleep because you are always in my dreams. I know I’ll have your company every day, I want you to sleep relaxed as I do, so you can dream of nice things, think of me every time. I love you so much”.
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:: “My darling, tonight that I won’t have you either sleeping by my side; I want to tell you that our love is not going to disappear because of the long distance. Before you sleep I want you to know that my love for you is that big that, despite all the months that we have not been close, my feelings remain the same. Every night I have you in my thoughts and I do not go to sleep without first sending this message because I know you will be very happy to receiving it and you will remember again and again we are very happy. Sweet dreams, my love”.
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:: “I hope you have sweet dreams and imagine that I’m by your side. When you wake up, we will have the opportunity to enjoy new experiences together, as always. I send you big kiss. I love you very much”.
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:: “My life, before I go to bed I like to send a text message to you so you can dream of beautiful and wonderful things. I really hope you to dream with me all night. At dawn we will meet again to kiss and hug tightly. I’m in love with you as you have no idea”.
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:: “When night comes, I imagine that you’re next to me and I like to think I can dream about you and our great love that survives despite the distance we are. I send this text message with all my love, and I wish you to dream cute things, relax before going to bed and when you wake up, don’t forget to do it with enthusiasm. Always remember how much I love you”.
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These beautiful and special romantic messages are made for you to dedicate them to your loved one. Choose one of them and send it through a text message so you can wish sweet dreams.

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