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Ending a relationship is perhaps the most complicated situation for women; the most common is that we take the first step to finish a relationship, either because we don’t feel a thing for our boyfriend or because we perceive that our relationship is tended to going bad in the future.

This situation can be further complicated if your boyfriend is still in love with us, that hinders the situation and make our decisions even more hurtful.

There are women who have enough strength to look directly into the eyes of her boyfriend and end the relationship, but for many women, to tell this cost them a lot, since we imagine our boyfriend with a face full of sadness with moistened eyes with hope. Possibly the latter makes us shudder and take back our decision. If this is your case, do not worry because this article shows you a list of quotes for you to send to your ex-boyfriend and you can end your relationship without pangs of conscience.

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:: “Brad, I don’t have the guts to tell you face to face but I cannot let this lie to continue. Since long time ago that the love I felt sometime for you disappeared and there is no turning back. It’s very hard because I will never forget things that we lived together. I do not want you to look for me or call me anymore”.
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:: “I’ve been thinking a lot and I have even tried to change my feelings but I find no other way out because the situation no longer allows it. It is not healthy for us to continue with this relationship because nothing is like before. Right now we are very different and that’s why we discuss. I cannot be any longer in this way, I apologize for not telling you personally but I think this is the best. I never want to see you again. I hope you understand what I say and I wish you the best”.
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:: “Dear Manuel, although we have few time in a relationship, I have learned a lot from this and from you. Ours is going at high speed and I realized that what I feel for you is not love; it is a very nice esteem and sympathy. For this reason we have a great time together and I cannot deny that I like to be with you, but it would be very unfair if I tell you that I feel something deeper for you. You’re a good person and deserve to be with someone who truly loves you. Do not look for me, do not call me, I do not want you to know about me, because I do not want to hurt you, when you stop feeling something for me you will understand”.
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:: “It’s being not long since I talked to you to get things clear. You didn’t take seriously what I said to you, you did not listen to my words. Now I will put things clear in writing for you to understand completely. I do not want to continue our relationship. I’m tired of being ignored by you and being your second priority after to your work and your friends. Your lips tell me that you love me but your actions say the opposite, I’ve been disappointed a lot because of you. I ask you please not to complicate things more than they are. This decision has been made and there is no way that I regret”.
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We hope that some of these phrases will help to end the relationship with that person. Back for more quotes!

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