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Germany is not only a country with an exciting history, it is also one of the countries that has marked the world history, the Nazi empire as we all know starred the World War II. Germany is also the country of many important persons that have marked humanity with his great knowledge, discoveries or art.

If you decide to travel to Germany do not forget to learn from its history, and the best way is to know the museums that it has, for more information, you can read this article because here you will find a list of the best museums that Germany has.

Pergamon Museum

This museum is located in the capital of Germany: Berlin and its operation began in 1930. One of the most important things about this museum is its unique design. The museum was built when Berlin received many pieces of art. In the Pergamon museum we can find ancient pieces of art of Rome and Greece, Mesopotamia, and the Middle East., it also has a replica of the city of Pergamum. Tourists that visit this museum are always delighted with the Hellenistic statues.

Old Museum

The Old Museum as its name implies is the oldest of all, it has 100 more years than the Pergamum museum that means it opened its doors in 1830. It is in Berlin. It’s part of what is called the Museum Island. Here we find the oldest pieces of art of Germany. There are several collections such as the Prussian art, pieces that come from famous castles of Berlin, and private collections. If you visit Berlin do not hesitate to visit this museum.

Berlin Wall Museum

The Berlin Wall Museum also called Checkpoint Charlie Museum remembers us the internal war that took place in Germany which divided the country in two. In this museum we find stories and testimonies of the life of Germans during the time when the country was divided. This museum attracts many visitors not only from the same country but from several other countries, who have much interest to see the photographs and letters from people who suffered this division.

Munich Glyptothek

It is located in the city of Munich and it is also one of the oldest museums in Germany as it was opened in 1830. In this museum we would find pieces of art which represent currents like the classical, archaic, Hellenistic and the one from the Roman Empire.

Its construction style is Greek but it was a bit damaged after World War II and unfortunately it could not be completely rebuild. In this museum we would find pieces of art such as Greek and Roman sculptures located in the front of the museum. The museum receives many visitors in the year, resulting in a lot of profits which serve to preserve the museum and its pieces of art.


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