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Colombia is one of the most beautiful countries in South America and one that receives more tourists from the entire world as well. If you travel to Colombia then you have several options to make your trip unforgettable.

You can start by visiting cities like Zipaquira where you would find The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira; you would also visit the coffee plantations in the city of Caldas, and of course, the beautiful capital city, Bogota where you can enjoy excellent constructions of the colonial era. When you visit this beautiful country be sure to visit its amazing museums. Here you will find a list of the best museums in Colombia.

National Museum of Colombia

It is the oldest museum as it was founded in 1823, due to its age, there you would find pieces of most of the historical passages of Colombia. You would also find pieces of art from pre-Columbian cultures. This museum is divided into 4 parts, in which we would find pieces of art, relics, ethnographic research, etc.

This museum has several art collections. One of the most importants is the one made in honor of the liberator Simon Bolivar, for which many artists of all times have left their works in painting, oil, etc. We can also find contemporary art, art pieces made of marble, sculptures and much more.

Gold Museum

This interesting museum has much to offer as it is pretty big. It has 6 rooms for art exhibition. In its collections you can find many pieces of art from pre-Hispanic cultures, mainly in gold. We also would find pottery and weaving pieces.

A main part of this museum is the media room that it has. In it, visitors can see the history of the Hispanic cultures, the way in which they were developed, its main activities, and much more that would help visitors to know them well.

Archaeological Museum of La Merced

It is located in the distinguished city of Cali, in The Cauca Valley. It has 6 showrooms where we can see many archaeological pieces of pre-Columbian cultures. We can also see an exhibition of all religious and funerary rituals of those cultures. It is a museum where we can also go to workshops and seminars. Its construction was completed in the eighteenth century.

Museum of Antioquia

The Museum of Antioquia is one of the most distinguished and large museums of Colombia. It has 17 rooms in which we would find various arts collection that express the religious aspect and the pre-Columbian art. Among the art pieces it has, we would find numismatic items, paintings and sculptures.

It is located in the city of Medellin and its art pieces are from all epochs of the history of Colombia and Antioquia. It is one of the most beautiful and interesting museums in the city of Medellin.


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