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best vacations in germany,germany,vacations in germany, vacations in europeTouring Germany:

If you are planning to go somewhere in Europe on your vacations, consider visiting Germany a good choice.

If you are wondering what the reasons are to travel to Germany for tourism, what the most recommended places to visit are, and where to lodge during your trip, then read this article and you will be able to answer your questions and get the information you need for an appropriate decision.

 Why tour Germany?

 You should know that Germany is not only a very developed industrial country, but it also has many magnificent buildings and an unsurpassable quantity of artistic expressions of every sort.

Every city worth visiting has such buildings and also splendorous art, which make every place unique and special. Its parks, small palaces, squares and other monuments are very popular among its citizens.

What tourist places are there to visit in Germany?

 As already explained, in Germany there are many places to visit. We mention here the most relevant ones.

Berlin Cathedral:

it is said to be the most beautiful church in Berlin. It was built between 1895 and 1905, and it is also considered the most beautiful church in all Europe.

The Berlin Wall:

It is also known as the “Wall of Shame”. and its origins are dated around 1961 in the last stage of Second World War, and it was meant to be a physical division between West Germany and East Germany. It was demolished on November 9, 1989.

Siegestor (Victory Gate):

This monument was built in Munich to remember a war with Bavarian involvement. With the passing of time and the damages Germany suffered in the war, this monument was destroyed. At the end of the war, it was rebuilt to symbolize peace.

Museum of Hamburg History:

In this place there are matchless art masterpieces and exhibits that date from times of pirates up to the visit of the Beatles group to the Star Club. Visits to interactive exhibits are available.

Additionally to all the above places, there are important places like “Saint Bartholomeus Cathedral”., “Three Art Galleries”., and “Neuschwanstein Castle”., located in Bavaria and well known because it looks like the castle Disney built for its movie “Sleeping Beauty”.

Where can I lodge during my sojourn in Germany?

 You might be concerned about where you can sleep during your stay in Germany, and you should not. In Germany there are many lodging options for tourists.

If you are attracted by rural environment, there are lodging farms where children can have a typical German breakfast, and there are also cheaper lodgings for young people. If you plan to spend a little more, exclusive hotels are downtown in main cities.

Places to know are a great reason to visit Germany, but besides that, German people are very friendly to visitors, and there are also places for everyone to have fun.

We are not afraid to assure you that if you choose Germany as you main place to visit during your vacations, you will not be disappointed and it will be a great choice to enjoy some unforgettable holidays.
We hope this report motivates you to visit this admired European country.

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