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The concept of listening to music anywhere you want has been developed with the advances in technology.
The development of technology has enabled us to have portable and comfortable devices called mp4, where we can store music to play whenever we want, as well as videos and photos, among other things.

Music files can be downloaded in mp3, wma and other formats, according to the mp4 device you’ve decided to buy. This article will help you to choose an mp4 according to the make, model, price and applications and features you want to find on it.


The NWZ-E454 Walkman Sony is characterized by a very good sound quality and equalization, as it has Clear Bass and Clear Stereo options. It also plays videos and its resolution is very high. The battery life depends on how you use it; in general, you can use it to listen to 50 hours of continuous music and 10 hours for videos both without interruption.

The flat shape and light of this model, makes the device a good portable option, even when you’re out running or working out. The headphones are also comfortable; they fit your ears and have friction resistance during physical training. This model is on the market with 5 different colors, up to 8 GB capacity for storing files, voice recorder and FM radio.


Samsung YP-P2 is a model LCD touch screen, with a storage capacity of 8 GB. It plays music and video easily without drives or preinstalled programs. You can upload music, videos and photos, view them, set your start menu and place images and lyrics to the songs you want.

The battery life is for 6 hours of video and 30 hours of music. Additionally enables you to listen to radio, record sounds and configure your device with a boot password with which you access to use the device. You can also share music directly, since it has Bluetooth, which also allows you to configure the device with the wireless headset.


The application Full Sound of this model of Philips, significantly improves the quality sound of the songs. To this is added the features of DJ headphones that comes with this device, which isolate all outside noise and maximize the sound of music.

Photos and videos can be seen with good resolution on the full color screen of 1.8”. Voice Recorder, FM radio player and settings to synchronize data with the music, are some of its features. The storage capacity is 4 GB and the battery reaches up to 25 hours of continuous music and 6 of video. The shape and weight are ideal to carry it anywhere.

It exist other generic options of mass production, which have the basic functions of playing music and viewing videos and photos. Obviously, the cost of these devices is much lower compared to the previous one, and so are their quality and durability.


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