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Looking for a free proxy form to download ? Many times when we are sick or out of town, including the country, we need to do some urgent proceedings.

In these cases the solution is to develop a proxy letter, by doing this you give power to a third person of our confidence to complete a procedure in specific on our behalf. So in this proxy statement it must be specified exactly for what is given power to this third party.

In this informative article you will find sample letters that you can use as a basis for drafting a proxy letter when you would need it.

Example No. 1 of proxy letter

Tarapoto March 11, 2012

Av Carpaccio 111 Tarapoto

Margarita Valle Solis
Calle Lucuma No. 222
Tel 65653228
Tarapoto – Peru

To whom it may concern:

Through this proxy, I Margarita Valle Solis, 26 years old, with ID No. 10322222, born in Andahuaylas and residing at Calle Lucuma No. 222 Tarapoto Peru, grant Ms Maria Concha Ganosa, 22 years old with ID No. 25658410, born in Iquitos Peru and residing at Av Libertad No 555 Tarapoto – Peru, the power to collect the check No 4455736520, corresponding to the payment for my services rendered for the supervision of a business management project.

Ms. Maria Concha Ganosa is also my cousin and I give her the power to make such collection for me, because I am unable to travel to Tarapoto for personal reasons. This proxy has validity for that procedure from the date of signature of this letter until the day March 20, 2012.

—————————— ——————————
Margarita Valle Solis         Maria Concha Ganosa
ID: 10322222                      ID: 25658410

—————————— ——————————
Manuel García Basto         Carmelita Leiva Duque
ID: 07985514                      ID: 06953374
Witness 1                             Witness 2

Example No. 2 of proxy

La Libertad, September 7, 2012

Calle Centro No 122 Trujillo – Trujillo

Julio Villanueva Calmet
Av Las langostas No 777
Tel 99547112
Trujillo – Peru

To whom it may concern:

Through this letter, I Julio Villanueva Calmet, 42, Peruvian citizen, with ID No. 10254669 and residing at Av Las langostas No 777 Trujillo – Peru, grant Mr. Víctor Raúl Jiménez Martin, 52, of Peruvian nationality, identity card No. 99230117 and domiciled in Av Principal No 762, the power to execute specific administrative procedures that would lead him to obtaining the title of property of the house located at Av Las langostas No 777 Trujillo – Peru.

Mr. Victor Raul Jimenez Martin has the power to complete this process specifically for three weeks from today. It is impossible for me to do so, because of a personal trip to Europe which will take place in the following weeks. Mr. Victor Raul Jimenez Martin is therefore empowered to execute this procedure from today until 30 September 2012.

—————————— ——————————
Julio Villanueva Calmet      Victor Raul Jimenez Martin
ID: 10254669                         ID: 99230117

—————————— ——————————
Sara Ordoñez Malaga           Carla Maria Barrenechea Nole
ID: 39801743                         ID: 55732145
Witness 1                                 Witness 2

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