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canada work visa offer letters,how to get a job letter canada,Canadian employer,Canadian work visa,Canadian work visa process for an immigrantHow to get the job offer letter from canada :

In order to get a temporary work visa, it is necessary to have a special work permit which varies according to the kind of work the immigrant will perform and the information provided by the employer.

In fact this procedure takes shorter than that for the permanent residence visa.
Now then, to start an application procedure for a work visa, the immigrant must have a work offer letter (work contract) issued by the employer. This letter must be approved by the Citizenship and Immigration Department before it is attached to the dossier which the immigrant must submit to the Canadian embassy.

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world, and it has a wide variety of climates. It still has a high industrial development level and is currently an economic power. Its territory area is 9`984,670 Km2, quite vast for its population of about 31`612,897 people. This means most of Canada is uninhabited (over 80%).

A striking fact about Canada’s population is that it is multicultural. According to the 2006 census, only 3.8% of the population is aboriginal (that is, of indigenous origin); the remaining 96.2% has non Canadian origins, and are immigrants and children of immigrants, such as English-speaking Canadians, French-speaking Canadians, Scottish, Irish, German, Italian, Chinese and Ukrainian, all of which left their home countries in search of better economic opportunities. So, Canada has the highest immigrant rate in the world.

Unlike the rest of developed countries, the Canadian government has set a very favorable immigration policy, which designates an average of 250,000 new permanent resident visas every year, and about 90,000 temporary immigrant work visas. This policy is mainly due to the increase of the population aging ratio, and thus of the retired population, all of which makes the size of the labor force decrease.

We recommend you be very careful when you start your visa application, as it is very important to choose the right type of visa in order to not lose either time or money. Remember not all immigrants fulfill the requirements for a temporary or a permanent visa. Additionally, you cannot immigrate to Canada if you do not already have a job offer in that country: the work offer letter is the first step to apply for a visa.

The work offer letter must describe in detail the position offered, not just its name but also functions, wage and contract period. Also, it must specify the professional or job profile (competences and experience) that the company sets for the position and the immigrant fulfills. The letter must be printed using the company’s letterhead stationery and must be signed by the company´s legal representative. It must be submitted to the Citizenship and Immigration Department by the hiring company.

After immigrants obtain this letter, they must continue individually with the visa procedures in the nearest Canadian embassy. This letter will make the process easier for immigrant workers who have a work contract before arriving into Canada.

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how to get a job letter canada,Canadian employer,canada work visa offer letters,Canadian work visa,Canadian work visa process for an immigrant

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