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Assistance and services for the US Unemployed :

Nowadays, the United States is recovering from an economic crisis which took jobs away from over eight million American citizens. However, as in any developed country, the American government has set up help programs for those who lost their jobs under different circumstances.

Regarding the economic support the American government provides the unemployed, it is a temporary help. Currently, due to the strong financial blow caused by the world crisis, this aid lasts at most 99 weeks. In this article, we give information about the different aid programs from the American government to its unemployed citizens.

The unemployment benefit, managed by the American federal government, is the most important support for the unemployed in American territory. It provides financial help to workers who lose their jobs for reasons beyond their control.

The amount of the unemployment benefit varies according to the state where the unemployed live. For instance, in Massachusetts, it is 600 dollars a week and is one of the highest in the country. The time limit for this benefit also depends on the state, but it is now longer in most states due to the recession.

Among the main welfare programs, there is the Food Stamp Program. To be able to access this aid, the unemployed must register online, by mail o personally in any of the Social Services offices. The time for approval of applications is 30 days. It must be noted that not all unemployed benefit from this program, because it is especially aimed at the poorest people in the United States.

There is also the Disaster Unemployment Assistance program which gives economic aid to people who lost their employment or self-employment as a consequence of disaster or catastrophe. The President must officially declare a disaster before applications begin. There is a time limit of 26 weeks in which this help can be received.

There are also economic aids for former civil federal workers who are now unemployed. A similar welfare programs exists aimed to former service members, military or workers in military offices.

Finally, the American government also helps with training programs for the unemployed, such as One-Stop Career Centers. This program provides employment, training, organizing and professional counseling services.

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