Free Online Antivirus

Free Computer resources: antivirus and threat analysis The software industry which also works on-line put available to anyone, free virus scan services that you can get for free and you can run on your system. With this you can examine and identify what virus are those that threaten your computer. However, the service is restricted, …

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Good Antivirus For Your Smartphone

Most used Antivirus for Smartphones Today the mass use of smartphones has increased the amount of private information that is managed globally. The portability of these devices and its ease of access to the network from almost anywhere has generated that the information flow to increase significantly. This makes us pay special attention to the …

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How To Delete Temporary Files

Learn how to delete temporary files Any use that we give to our computer, always leave a trail. Whether, when downloading files, running programs or simply surfing the internet, all this creates temporary files that serve as a backup if you want to perform the same operation again. However, temporary files take up space on …

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Free Programs To Edit Photos

Make your photo corrections using free programs In recent years, access to technology has allowed almost everyone to have a camera that recorded the special moments that we consider, in many ways. Surely, once you feel that the photo you took of that special moment could have been better, and not finding how to do …

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