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Computer science has become a very important part in our daily activities. The advancement of technology is so fast in the computer field it has not been year without discontinued programs that fall into disuse or widely used programs with continuous improvements. This article will help you choose the programs that you have in this new decade.

You should know that the list we share is organized by specific areas where the program will be the most useful and where they will be executed once installed. All programs are freeware, i.e., no cost per download, they are completely free. The list is as follows.

Office and productivity applications area

– Adobe Reader X (Available at:

This is a program that is used by many users around the world to share digital documents and view them in PDF format, which helps viewing the files without special software.

– ATNOTES (Available

This program will never miss that important note with a special issue, because you can have an unlimited number of notes that can be placed on the desktop of your computer. Alarms can also be used to remember any kind of event.

File compression applications area

– 7ZIP (Available at:

The functionality of this program is in its ability to compress large files. It has one of the highest compression ratios. It is also open source, which means it can be used by any organization. The formats with which this program works are GZIP, TAR, and ZIP.

Internet applications area

– Mozilla Firefox (Available at:

This is a widely used browser today. It has advantages as a constant user orientation, an intuitive interface with ability to auto complete in the address bar. It is the first program to include organizational tabs in a single window, opening options for user convenience.

Area Network Applications for Peer-t-Peer (P2P)

– uTorrent (Available

A BitTorrent client lets you access large files on the network. This program allows searching for torrent (file type that contains information about the location of the file searched), file management and playback of downloaded files before total discharge in preview mode.

Applications Area for Instant Messaging and VOIP

– SKYPE (Available at:

Definitely, Skype has revolutionized the way of communication between people through the network. Skype allows free video calls to anyone in the world. You can also pay for a rate plan that would allow you to call any landline or mobile across the world. Sending files also happens to be an advantage, as it has better capacity to send large files that might have an email service.

Applications Area for Video-Audio Playback

– VLC (Available at:

It is a universal open source program for playing audio and video as it can process files from DVD media, MP3 audio and various other video streaming protocols. It is compatible with operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac, among others.

Applications for Management Area and Editing Images

– JAlbum (Available at:

For photo enthusiasts, it is aimed to those who have a collection of photos ever published. This program allows users to edit photos and create original albums online. You can share your creation with friends and family.

Always remember that your computer has a limited storage, so you should analyze what programs you will really use in the future, and just install those ones.


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