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Inspirational Christmas phrases
for cardsShort Christmas status for Facebook.#ChristmasStatus

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Christmas helps us meditate about the true meaning of this holiday and celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.
In this month of the year many people get together to help those in need; bear in mind that we must be compassionate every day of the year, not only on Christmas.

On the next few lines, we offer you some texts you can share to get your loved ones thinking on the real meaning of Christmas.Best Merry Christmas wishes and messages.#ChristmasStatus

What do you say in a Christmas post?

:: “Christmas is the best holiday for any Christian as we let God enter our hearts and guide us every day of our lives”.

:: “Let us think on this Christmas about how we are managing our lives and may we never forget to thank our Lord for the life He has given us”.

:: “On this Christmas, let us prepare our hearts to give love to our neighbors”.

:: “In order to live Christmas to the fullest, we must open the doors of our home and our heart to all of those who want to enjoy it with us”.Christmas greeting cards for WhatsApp and Facebook.#ChristmasStatus

Cute Merry Christmas phrases
for Facebook

:: “Christmas can make us forget about all difficulties and focus on preparing our souls to receive God”.

:: “Christmas makes us forget about the offenses and grudges we hold in our hearts and make us more generous with our neighbors”.

:: “Just like God taught us, never lose good feelings towards your neighbor and remember that at Christmas we must apply all of God’s teachings”.

:: “Christmas is not just about buying presents for our loved ones, it is a special date in which all Christians should try to be better people”.

:: “Remember that a true Christian is the one who loves everyone as if they were his brothers and does not wait for anyone to no longer be in this world to repent of what he did not do”.Best Whatsapp Christmas quotes.#ChristmasStatus

Christmas status for Whatsapp

:: “Even if we do not know each other well, I hope you are going through a good time in your life and that you can enjoy a Christmas full of God’s love”.

:: “On this Christmas, be the first one to give love and wish the best to all your loved ones”.

:: “The real message for Christmas should be to receive this date with hope and preparing our hearts for the arrival of the baby Jesus”.

:: “Let us not wait until Christmas to change our way of being, we should live every day as if it were Christmas to live in the grace of God”.Best quotes about the spirit of Christmas.#ChristmasStatus

Merry Christmas quotes for Facebook

:: “Christmas ornaments on our tree represent our illusions and our desire to give love to our brothers and sisters”.

:: “May Christmas help us think and be more compassionate with our neighbors”.

:: “I pray to God so that he gives you a smile on this Christmas that helps you erase all the bad things that have happened to you, may God bless you”.

:: “My greatest wish for Christmas is that I can live it in the tranquility of my home, surrounded with my loved ones and blessed with the grace of God”.Christmas wishes ready to copy & paste.#ChristmasStatus

Best Christmas quotes for cards

:: “Christmas is the best date of the year for any Christian. In this celebration, God enters our hearts to guide us on the path of peace and love”.

:: “God’s work will help you think about your day to day in your life and how you are managing your life. Do not forget to thank God for allowing you to be with the ones you love most”.

:: “We must prepare ourselves for the arrival of baby Jesus, we have to open our hearts and send our best peace and love wishes to our neighbors”.

:: “In order to live Christmas to the fullest as a good Christian, we must allow those who want to be with us to enter our homes and our hearts”.What should I write to my family on Christmas card?.#ChristmasStatus

Short Christmas quotes to share

:: “Christmas helps us forgive, reflect and be more compassionate with all of our brothers”.

:: “Let us learn from God’s love, share good times with our brothers and live as true Christians sharing the message of Our Lord”.

:: “Christmas is the perfect opportunity for us to be better Christians; it is not just about buying gifts to our loved ones”.

:: “As a good Christian, you must love everyone as your brother and share the teachings of God”.Christmas family sayings and quotes.#ChristmasStatus

Best phrases for Christmas

:: “Even if we are not so close, I hope that on this Christmas you forget about all of your problems and discomforts and that you can spend it with your loved ones with God’s love”

:: “Take the initiative on this Christmas and send messages of love and peace to all your loved ones”.

:: “Christmas creates an illusion in us and helps us prepare our hearts to listen and accept the message and what God has entrusted to each of us”.

:: “Do not wait for Christmas to arrive to prepare your heart, do it every day and receive Jesus every day of the year”.Cute things to say to your boyfriend on Christmas.#ChristmasStatus

What should I post on Facebook for Christmas?

:: “The bright ornaments of our Christmas trees are a metaphor for all of our desires and illusions to forgive and give love to our neighbor”.

:: “May the arrival of Christmas make us think about our lives and help the goodness and solidarity in our hearts grow”.

:: “I ask God to help me transmit my happiness to all my brothers and sisters on this Christmas through my smile and thus can let go of their bitterness. May God bless you all”.

:: “On this Christmas I only want to be with my family and friends in the warmth of my home and may God always bless us with his peace and love”.

We hope these texts help you this Christmas, you can share them with all your loved ones and can express your good wishes. Remember that this is a special date and we must live it as such.What to write in a Christmas card.#ChristmasStatus

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