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Christmas text messages

download sweet Christmas texts for my girlfriend
Searching for best Christmas text messages ? . Christmas gives us a great opportunity to share very happy close to the people who we love the most now, so you should use it to show your girlfriend the immense love you have for her.

There are many details that you can have with your girlfriend this Christmas, but perhaps the most special is to share a cute gift and congratulate her with all your love, so we have prepared this section with some nice phrases that will interest you.

Check the following list of greeting phrases you can devote to your girlfriend with all your love and choose the ones you like.

Best merry Christmas text messages
for girlfriend

:: “Since I have your love I can see Christmas in a completely different way and now it has become my favorite celebration. I love you my heaven!”
Category: Christmas wishes for my girlfriend

:: “Just to imagine Christmas without you makes me feel a deep pain in my heart because you’re the reason for my happiness and the person I love most in all the world”.
Category: Christmas wishes for my girlfriend

:: “In my hand I have the greatest people around the world and those are my family and my friends, but there is someone very special, the person I love most in the whole universe it is you. Merry Christmas! ”
Category: Christmas wishes for my girlfriend

:: “Merry Christmas, my cute chubby! I’ll give you a big hug and I’ll give you a kiss full of tenderness and love for an unforgettable Christmas”.
Category: Christmas wishes for my girlfriend

:: “I feel like the luckiest man in the world because I have the opportunity to share this Christmas with you my dear, I wish this is the most beautiful Christmas Eve we’ve ever had”.
Category: Christmas wishes for my girlfriendMerry Christmas texts to friends and family on Whatsapp

Lovely Christmas text messages
for Whatsapp and Facebook

:: “I received in advance my Christmas present and I can tell you is the most wonderful love that can exist in this world, the one you offer me. Happy Holidays! ”
Category: Love Christmas greetings

:: “With all my love,I want to wish you a merry Christmas full of peace, happiness and especially with the great love that surrender us. Congratulations, honey! ”
Category: Love Christmas greetings

:: “Our first Christmas together is waiting for us to share our love and rediscover the beautiful feelings that the birth of Jesus brings. Congratulations!”
Category: Love Christmas greetings

:: “I want you to have an unforgettable Christmas in which your greatest dreams can become reality and find out that to be happy, we just need our love”.
Category: Love Christmas greetings

:: “When I think of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus I start to dream about how our future will be together when we form our own family. I love you, my precious girl, and I wish you a Merry Christmas”.
Category: Love Christmas greetings

:: “There is no greater gift I want to receive this Christmas that to have you here for me alone, to give you thousands of hugs, enjoy the sweetness of your kisses and all your love. Happy Holidays!”
Category: Love Christmas greetings

Make your girlfriend have an unforgettable Christmas and make her live many happy moments with you, and the love between the two will be strengthened. Back at the next opportunity for many more phrases.Get Merry Christmas text for Whatsapp & FB

Sweet Christmas texts
for my girlfriend

Christmas is made for sharing alongside our loved ones, and one of the people we love most in this world is our girlfriend. Therefore we must prepare every detail well in advance to make her feel good and make her very happy.

In addition to the gift or surprise you have prepared for your girlfriend, in these times it is important that you dedicate some nice romantic texts to wish her the happiest of all Christmases.

That is why we offer you a list of perfect texts that you can send to your girlfriend via social networks, text messages or cards and place them in your gift you already have for her.What to write in a Christmas card

Romantic Chistmas love messages

:: “The best gift I have ever received in my life is your love. I thank you for being with me and for giving me all your love. Merry Christmas! ”
Category: Romantic Christmas messages

:: “The Magic of Christmas envelops our hearts and at midnight we will join on an embrace as strong as our love”.
Category: Romantic Christmas messages

:: “All the best on this Christmas my love, you are a wonderful girl and I am very excited to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus with you”.
Category: Romantic Christmas messages

:: “Christmas is only a day, but I receive your love daily. I love you very much and I hope the you have a great time”.
Category: Romantic Christmas messages

:: “Today will be an unforgettable Christmas because we will celebrate it together. Beloved girlfriend, I hope everything turn out nice”.
Category: Romantic Christmas messagesFind best Merry Christmas wishes & greetings

Sweet romantic wishes
for Christmas

:: “Having your love is a privilege that I enjoy and something that I thank God for. May we spend a nice Christmas today and I wish for the feelings that prevail on this time last forever”.
Category: Romantic Christmas wishes

:: “To celebrate Christmas by your side will be the most beautiful gift of all. I hope the spirit of this celebration fills our lives with love”.
Category: Romantic Christmas wishes

:: “I am excited to enjoy Christmas Eve by your side and to share special moments with our family. I love you with all my strength and I hope it is an unforgettable day”.
Category: Romantic Christmas wishes

:: “To celebrating Christmas with you is something I have waited all year as at midnight I will give you a big hug my beautiful bride”.
Category: Romantic Christmas wishes

:: “All I want for this Christmas and always is your love. You are the woman who has managed to fill my life with happiness, may this be a beautiful Christmas Eve”.
Category: Romantic Christmas wishes

:: “On this day I do not want any gift, I just want you to give me your love for all eternity. I hope you have a nice Christmas”.
Category: Romantic Christmas wishesFind original Merry Christmas status for WhatsApp

Find sweet Christmas wishes
for Girlfriend

:: “Despite I will not spend Christmas with you, I want to say that I wish you well and that the Lord blesses your home my Princess”.
Category: Sweet Christmas texts wishes

:: “This Christmas will be extra special because we will be together to celebrate that baby Jesus was born and faith and hope will fill our hearts”.
Category: Sweet Christmas texts wishes

:: “I hope this Christmas goes well and that it is a day of thinking and family unity. Many kisses my Princess”.
Category: Sweet Christmas texts wishes

:: “Eternal love is the most beautiful gift that a princess like you deserves. I hope you enjoy a nice Christmas Eve in the company of all your family”.
Category: Sweet Christmas texts wishes

:: “At midnight I will ask the Lord to always allow us to be together, for you are the sole owner of my heart. May you have a nice Christmas! ”
Category: Sweet Christmas texts wishes

:: “May the beautiful feelings that Christmas brings always accompany us in our life so that everything is pure happiness. I love you so much my beautiful”.
Category: Sweet Christmas texts wishes

Share many romantic phrases constantly with your girlfriend and you will see that your relationship will be strengthened. Take any special occasion to send them.Heartfelt Christmas love text messages & cards

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