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I love you messages
for GirlfriendSearch best romantic texts for Him

Searching for the best I love you messages for lovers , Whatsapp romantic text messages , Facebook love phrases ? .

If what you want is to find the best love phrases for your partner you came to the right website because we have the most beautiful phrases on the internet.

Do not hesitate and send cute romantic messages to your partner, you can use your social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook or a beautiful WhatsApp message or an SMS.Download love pictures & messages to send by Whatsapp

Most romantic
I love you messages for Her

:: “I wrapped my heart in wrapping paper to give it to you so that you know that what I feel for you is the purest and deepest love I have ever felt”.

:: “The joy of having found you is the engine that moves my life and makes my heart that was withered feel refreshed”.

:: “Loving you is my greatest joy, seeing you smile represents the purest peace and living every wonderful moment by your side drives me to want to be better every day. I send you thousands of kisses my darling”.

:: “Your sweet face is always present in my thoughts, your smile gives me the daily impulse and the illusion of building our future keeps me firm in life. I love you my darling”.

:: “Every day you show me that our love is the most important thing for you and I am very happy with it because I feel the same. Our intertwined lives will only bring us happiness. I love you a lot”.I am deeply in love with you text messages

Sweet and touching
I love you messages for Her

:: “Even when you remain silent, I feel you tell me that you love me because in your eyes I see all the love you profess for me”.

:: “You help me to grow as a person, you give me true love and you bring happiness to my life, you are everything I expected and much more. I adore you and I promise to always make you very happy”.

:: “At your side I met true love, you bring light to my days and you transmit the best of you because you are sweetness courage, effort, beauty and honesty. I adore you my life”.

:: “Your love is illusion, it is honesty and strength, it is bliss and happiness, everything is more beautiful and better by your side. Thank you honey, you will always be the most important thing in my life”.

:: “My life, since you arrived only beautiful things adorn my days, much love, abundant peace but above all we have a relationship based on respect and understanding. I will adore you forever”.You are the only one I want love messages

What is the best
love message for my wife?

:: “I can hear in each of your beats the melody of your love and that is how my soul feels that it only belongs to you”.

:: “My love, happiness only exists by your side, your tenderness excites me and your love gives me peace. I adore you and I only wish to make you very happy every day we have ahead of us”.

:: “If you walked away I would miss your love and warmth. This love fills my days with happiness; I just wish I could continue walking through life by your side forever. I love you my darling”.

:: “You are a wonderful human being, who conquered me from the first glance and who with each of his actions strengthened much more this love that today is eternal. I love you my darling”.

:: “Your absence is a challenge for this love that was born without thinking but that today keeps us standing, firm and fighting for a better future. I love you my life and together we will overcome any obstacle”.best tender love thoughts & messages for Girlfriend

Whatsapp I love you messages
for Him

:: “I want to love you for the rest of my life and for our love to overcome any challenge that comes our way”.

:: “The love between us is sincere and pure, something so special that will never cease to exist. I want you to know that I will always be with you”.

:: “I ask God to continue blessing us so that we can be together forever and I hope we can be happy every day”.

:: “You are in the depths of my heart and for no reason I will stop showing you all my affection”.

:: “I would not stay away from you for anything in the world, as you are the woman who gives meaning to my existence”.Find I will adore you forever sweet mobile messages

Best ‘I love you’ messages
for Him & Her

:: “You give me all the love I need and much more; my heart feels an immense happiness because you are everything I always looked for”.

:: “I could never live without you, without your love nor your beautiful eyes. I adore you and I only ask God to live forever by your side. I send you a big kiss my darling”.

:: “Darling come back soon, I don’t find peace without you, I need your presence to continue, I love you intensely and here I will wait for you. I send you thousands of kisses”.

:: “The distance is complicated, but our love is stronger than any obstacle and soon your heart and mine will beat together again. Receive all my love from a distance”.

:: “I met romanticism with you, your care and attention earned my heart and today I am proudly your girlfriend. I love you my prince, let’s live this love forever”.Best 'I love you' messages for Him & Her

Messenger romantic texts

:: “When you were born, the moon shone because of how special you are, no one is like you, you are the only one in my life”.

:: “Receive many kisses and remember that from here I always dedicate my best thoughts to you. We will overcome this test that life puts in the name of our love”.

:: “I still remember that wonderful afternoon, where your eyes filled my life with light, from there everything changed for good and today I am very happy that you are my girlfriend. I love you and always will”.

:: “My love, thank you for being so noble, for loving me without questions, for giving without expecting anything in return. Happiness is really only found by your side”.

:: “Physical distance can never be an impediment to love you, perhaps it is only an impulse to do what is necessary and to be able to have you again with me. I adore you and this will never change”.Romantic phrases that melt hearts

romantic WhatsApp messages
for boyfriend

:: “I love to talk into your ear and tell you how much I love you. It feels so good to be by your side. Whatever happens, please never go away from me”.

:: “When you came into my life, everything changes, everything is better with you in it. I would be willing to lose everything just to have you, my everlasting love”.

:: “You are my most sublime illusion and my desired reality. In you I find peace, love and much respect. We will always be together my love, I adore you”.

:: “Many times I thought that love was not for me, but you proved how wrong I was, because you arrived and everything changed. Thank you for not stopping to conquer me every day”.

:: “Love is synonymous with your name, the moments by your side are the best and the support you give me in complicated situations only shows that you really care. Thanks my life”.

What did you think of these beautiful messages to make your boyfriend fall in love with you even more? You can be sure that, upon receiving them, your boyfriend will feel really special and loved by you.

Do not wait any longer and start sending him your favorites at any time of the day. Come back soon for more free and original content, designed just for you. Best of lucks!Sweet and touching I love you text messages for girlfriend

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