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Get Christmas text messages for friends
Searching for Merry Christmas text messages for friends , Christmas greetings for best friend,  Christmas wishes and short Christmas messages ,What to write in a Christmas card ? .

At Christmas we think of our family and friends, and to share our love and appreciation we send beautiful Christmas greetings with lots of love.

Not everything in these Holidays is beautiful decorations and gifts, your feelings are a very important part and you can express them through cute Merry Christmas messages for friends.

If you are looking for a short Merry Christmas phrase for your friends, you are in the right place; here you will find it, loaded with a lot of feeling and originality. Enjoy them!Best merry Christmas wishes and messages

Find Christmas messages
for friends

:: “Christmas is the perfect excuse to express our feelings and wish all our friends the best. Congratulations to all!”.
Category : Christmas messages for friends

:: “Dear friend, I want this Christmas to come loaded with many blessings for you and your family including much peace and love. Happy Holidays!”.
Category : Christmas messages for friends

:: “To all my friends I want to send this greeting to wish you a Merry Christmas and to thank you for worrying about my well-being”.

:: “To those friends that I have not been able to dedicate the time they deserve, I apologize and send you a very special greeting, wishing you thousands of congratulations this Christmas”.Christmas greeting cards for WhatsApp and Facebook

Cute Christmas messages
for best friend

:: “God please, bless all my friends greatly and allow them to enjoy a Merry Christmas in the company of their loved ones”.
Category : Cute Christmas messages for friends

:: “I thank heaven for the blessing that is to have good friends in this life. My dear friends, I thank you for everything and wish you a Merry Christmas!”.
Category : Cute Christmas messages for friends

:: “The most beautiful thing about Christmas is to share hugs and good wishes with our family members and also with our friends. Happy Holidays to all!”.
Category : Cute Christmas messages for friends

:: “Dear friend, your friendship is a blessing in my life, so besides saying thank you, I tell you that I love you very much and wish you a Merry Christmas”.
Category : Cute Christmas messages for friendsBest Whatsapp Christmas quotes

Best Christmas greetings

:: “I hope you get to spend a beautiful Christmas in the company of your friends and family and may God bless your union and love”.
Category :Christmas greetings

:: “I wish the Lord gives much happiness to you and your whole family and may it be memorable time for you”.
Category :Christmas greetings

:: “I hope joy and love enlightens your heart for this Christmas and every other day of your life. Merry Christmas dear friend”.
Category :Christmas greetings

:: “I hope all your family gets together for Christmas day. I want the joy and love of this special time to flood your house today. Merry Christmas”.
Category :Christmas greetingsBest quotes about the spirit of Christmas

Download Christmas wishes
for friends

:: “I hope all your dreams come true for this Christmas and that the love and happiness felt today is present in your whole year. Merry Christmas”.
Category :Christmas wishes for friends

:: “Whenever you feel a lot of nostalgia in your heart remember that there are many of us who love you and now more than ever are we are at your side to give you lots of love. Merry Christmas”.
Category :Christmas wishes for friends

:: “In this Christmas season you must remember to forget all the negative feelings you have in your heart, remember that it only hurts your soul and obey the Lord. Merry Christmas dear friend”.
Category :Christmas wishes for friends

:: “I hope today you have an incredible and super day as it is Christmas. I want God to illuminate your home today and always”.
Category :Christmas wishes for friendsChristmas wishes ready to copy & paste

Original Christmas phrases
for cards

:: “In addition of wishing you a beautiful Christmas to you, with good food and beautiful gifts, I want you to have a whole year of happiness and love”.
Category :Christmas phrases for cards

:: “Take this Christmas and spend it together with your family and friends. I do not want it to be like last time when we didn’t get to spend It together dear friend”.
Category :Christmas phrases for cards

:: “I hope that God fills your Christmas with much happiness and above all with faith so that everything is better. Merry Christmas”.
Category :Christmas phrases for cards

:: “Maybe you will really like the gift I have for you, however I want you to take into account all the love I have for you. I am very grateful to have found a friend like you who is always by my side. Merry Christmas dear friend”.
Category :Christmas phrases for cardsWhat should I write in my family Christmas card?

Christmas quotes
for Facebook

:: “I am very happy because we spent Christmas together. I hope you have a beautiful Christmas and may our friendship last through the years”.
Category :Christmas quotes for Facebook

:: “All the best surprises of the world came to you today because it is Christmas. I hope your life is filled with joy and love, today and always”.
Category :Christmas quotes for Facebook

:: “I am excited because I will see you again one more time. Dear sister I wish we get to spend a very nice Christmas this year in the company of our Lord. Merry Christmas”.
Category :Christmas quotes for Facebook

Preparations to celebrate these Holidays should include sharing beautiful Christmas phrases with friends and for all your family we also have original Merry Christmas messages that you can dedicate to them.Christmas family sayings and quotes

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