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clandestine relationshipClandestine Relationships on the Internet:

Internet and social networks have made today´s communication change impressively. It is now easy to contact our friends anywhere we can imagine in the world, and communicate with them all at the same time. But it would be naïve to think that social networks guarantee you more productivity and total harmony.

Many couples are witness to the multiple problems social networks have brought into their relationships. In some cases, they blame those virtual places for helping their mates meet somebody else and so bring about parallel relationships.

In many cases, people on these social networks have many virtual friends, which are total strangers in the real world. When they meet and chat on any virtual means, people idealize each other and believe they have found their better half, which complements them in thought and feelings, the one. When they connect virtually, the immediate consequence in the relationship is that the half that is “virtually”. involved will begin to be indifferent and uninterested in their partner, and they become totally devoted to the internet. The relationship will grow weak and eventually vanish.

Another regular case in which internet networks hurt relationships is when people who met virtually decide to meet in person. This often happens without the other half in the relationship knowing anything about it, and it takes place in places far away from the places they usually go to. Massive media have given shocking news about this kind of rendezvous where it all ends tragically with a kidnapping, a robbery and even murder. Despite that, many people, mostly young, still decide to get involved in clandestine or parallel relationships which give them loads of excitement and anxiety, all for their comfort.

Clandestine relationships on the internet can also be explained by the fact that people broaden their choices about the kind of people they want to meet, and so include all kinds of human beings. A reason for it is that people sometimes have fantasies that they cannot fulfill with their established couples, and when they meet somebody else on the network, they can easily find what they are looking for. This includes people who want to have sex with strangers, and they often find someone who makes their personal fantasy come true. They first connect on the social network, and when they meet fantasy turns into a reality. This is the general way thousands of clandestine or parallel love relationships start.

It has been proven that the use of social networks increases the probability of clandestine or parallel relationships. However, we must admit that starting a clandestine or parallel relationship with someone on your social network will always be your call and under your control, along with the consequences.

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