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thank you letter,free thank you letter,free sample thank you letterSample Thank You Letter for Good Results:

When we achieve our main objectives, we are very happy. When we have better results, we understand we are doing what is right. Then a question comes up: could I have done it on my own? In fact, it is many times important to get help from one or more people to get to our desired goal. In this report you will find some example thank you letter for good results.

Free Sample Thank You Letter  n°1

Lima, December 28, 2011

Juan Luis Barrantes Flores

Science Teacher

Colegio San Martín

Lima – Peru

Dear Teacher:

Hereby we would like to thank you for leading the science students in our school in the recent school competition “Science Hand In Hand with Youth”., where our students got the first place, under your guidance. This accomplishment was possible thanks to your constant commitment to your work and your excellent relationship with your students.

I must empathically acknowledge your effort and achievement, as well as congratulate you and repeat out total support to your performance.


Jose Carlos Vilca Huamán


Colegio San Martín

Free Sample Thank You Letter  n°2

Montevideo, September 11, 2000

Mr. Jose Luis Buceta Cotello

Production Manager

Textil Santa Margarita

Montevideo – Uruguay

Dear Mr. Buceta

Hereby we would like to thank your support and participation in producing approximately 17,000 garments for export. Due to the speed of your work we could send the order on the agreed deadline. We have learned that recently your devotion to this goal was fundamental for our company. Your effort and perseverance has increased our respect and appreciation for you.

I thank you again for your loyalty to our institution.


Francisco Xavier Rodríguez Ballón

General Manager

Textil Santa Margarita

Montevideo – Uruguay

Free Sample Thank You Letter  n°3

Barcelona, March 24, 2005

Mr. Jordi Sifuentes Zapatero

Industrial Electricity Technician

Celestial S.A

Barcelona – Spain

Dear Mr. Sifuentes

Hereby we would like to express our deep thankfulness for your success in fixing and restablishing our industrial plant’s electric system. Due to your diligence and aptitude, we could recover the rhythm in our line of work, with no problems at all.

Your outstanding work shows your excellent training and professional experience. We would like to thank you again.


Olga Velasquez Escudero


Industrias Molinos Catalanes

When browsing through the three examples we shared, you might have noticed that thank you letters for good results are short and to the point why you are grateful. You must always keep in mind that achieving a goal in itself an incentive and gratification for someone who makes it. You must always show your acknowledgment and gratitude to those who helped you in a common task

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