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current hit tv shows panamericana channel 5,panamerica TV, CHANNEL 5, Hit TV ShowsCurrent Hit Shows in Panamericana TV, Channel 5:

 In Peruvian broadcast television history,Panamericana Televisión has an outstanding place. With over five decades of experience in the television market, this broadcast television channel is one of the most consolidated in Peru.

Currently, Panamericana Televisión is one of the most popular channels, maybe because of it good programs and the professional quality of its hosts, anchors and technicians who work there daily. Here you will learn further information about all of them.

 Enemigos Públicos:

This magazine program runs at 11 pm, hosted by Aldo Miyashiro and Mónica Cabrejos. It is one of the most popular programs. It presents notes about current events with and amusing and entertaining touch which pleases its viewers.

The program´s content ranges from politics, show business, police cases and sports, and it includes live interviews and reports about people in the news. The program also includes Pablo Villanueva, also known as “Melcochita”., who adds a touch of comedy and humor to the program.


This is Panamericana Televisión’s signature program. It runs on Sundays and it is a journalistic research program with reports about current national and international events.

Currently, it is hosted by Rosana Cueva and Augusto Thorndike, it runs at 8 pm and it has been in the air for over two decades in this channel. Its truthful and good reports and its quality live interviews by its anchors have placed Panorama to a leading position among news programs, not only in channel 5 but also nationwide.

 Risas y Salsa – La Nueva generación:

This emblematic Peruvian comedy show runs on Saturdays at 8 pm. From 1970 to 1990, Risas y Salsa was one of the most viewed comedy shows in Peruvian broadcast television. Today, after 12 year off the air, Manolo Rojas and Alfredo Benavides lead its return to the screen, along with many talented Peruvian comedians and beautiful and gorgeous models.

Risas y Salsa- La Nueva Generación is considered one of the best comedy and entertainment show nationwide. Its professional quality has crossed borders and it is also watched in other Latin American countries.

 321 María Pía:

 María Pía Copello hosts this children show on Saturdays at 9 am. It seeks to entertain children, and little children find quizzes, games, music shows and special guests who will make children very happy all the time. This program guarantees children will be amused for 3 hours.

Undoubtedly, Panamericana Televisión is currently one of the most important Peruvian broadcast television channels. If you want further information about these shows and some others, visit

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