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The Notebook is now facing more sophisticated programs that consume much more resources, as multimedia devices also require, all of this makes the battery more prone to discharge, lasting less time each time you use it. According to experimental studies, it is advisable to prevent the battery to discharge completely because it can lead to decreased battery life.

There are various methods to keep the battery life without reducing, for example when purchasing a new notebook or a new battery, keep it loading for twelve consecutive hours, after that, you proceed to charge and uncharge it, but only three times, so the battery’s life is somehow extended.

You should be aware that this method is applicable only when the battery is new or has not been used for several months, you should not uncharge all the battery to avoid cutting the level of its life duration. You can choose to keep the battery connected to electricity, thus ensuring that the device is fully discharged, you should always take into account and prevent the battery is not entirely uncharged.

The lifespan of a notebook battery is about two years but manufacturers are only a year and guarantee to cover any damage, time is less because these products will depend heavily on the frequency of use given by their diverse list of customers. One can tell if the battery has suffered a demotion when performing a load test and noticing that it lasts less than it used to, just as the first time you bought a cell phone.

In addition to what can be done in the comfort of your home, it is also possible to use some software called Aerofoil, this program is vital for computers that have installed the Windows 7 operating system because it consumes too much power over their other versions.

With this program you can set the power saving module in a simple way, like disabling certain operating system functions that are not needed or too relevant to waste energy in vain. This program will be very beneficial for new systems like Windows 7, because its battery level is very limited, you can download the software here

It is advisable to be guided with some advice, like avoid using the LCD too much, as it is the most energy – consuming device whn refreshing the screen, you can choose custom screen savers, be careful with those sophisticated games such as those that enjoy highly detailed graphics in movements, rattling fields spend many resources.

So it is better to remove it with this program or change it to a simpler one, you can lower the screen brightness, turning off those devices you are not using, such as the Bluetooth, Wi – Fi, lower the disk activity, disable or set to manual connection some services that are not used frequently, remove those programs that load when loading the sesion, avoid using multiple programs simultaneously.

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ways to extend your laptop’s battery Life,tips to make your laptop battery last longer,ways to increase laptop’s battery life,top tips to extend your laptop battery,tips to save your laptop battery life

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