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chile, chilean singers, musicThe best Chilean singers of all time

Chile is known worldwide as the birthplace of many internationally renowned vocalists and this is thanks to the support that the various arts, such as music, receive in this nation.

Chile is also known for performing various music festivals and concerts, including the most known festival of Viña del Mar. But have you ever wondered who the best renowned Chilean singers of all time are?

Well, in this section we present to you a list of the best vocalists that Chile has had throughout its history. We will tell you how they started and what compositions launched them to fame, not only in Chile but also worldwide.

Beto Cuevas

This singer rose to international fame with his group La Ley in the year 1995 when they released their first full length album Invisible within which the songs Día cero, Aquí, Mentira and Fuera de mí were immediate hits.

After a few years of success, Beto Cuevas decided to pursue a solo career reaching success in Latin America with singles like Quiero creer, Háblame and Vuelvo, which became very popular.

Miriam Hernandez

Miriam Hernandez is an outstanding soloist who in the mid 80’s achieved fame as a performer of romantic music with songs that reached great success among which we can se me fue, el hombre que yo amo and Eres.

Since then this vocalist has continued on the winning track until today, producing hit songs like vuela muy alto and si pudiera amarte.

Albert King

Alberto Plaza is the number one composer and performer of romantic music in Chile and in many Latin American countries.

His first successes we can find in the mid 90’s with such renowned songs as Que cante la vida, Bandido and Amar en serio, among others. His broad experience has earned him numerous awards not only in his country but also internationally.

Jorge Gonzales

He achieved recognition in the world of Spanish rock with his group Los prisioneros during the eighties. Among the songs that catapulted him to fame are El baile de los que sobran ¿Porque no se van? and Sexo.

The decade that followed was also filled with a lot of hit songs within which tren al sur and las archiconocidas estrechas de corazón stand out. He has currently formed a band Los Updates and is producing new compositions.

Quique Neira

The singer stunned the world in the late nineties with his reggae band Gondwana which is considered one of the best in all of Latin America.

They achieved international fame with songs like Felicidad, Amarillo y rojo and Armonía de amor, among others.

After finishing his time with the flag, he decided to run as a solo artist and has had a lot of success with songs like pensando en ti, alma and amor prohibido.

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