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Happy Valentine’s
love messagesPure happy Valentine's love messages & romantic Valentine's quotes

Throughout the year you will have many opportunities to express your feelings to the man of your life, but there is a very special occasion in which the tender love dedications for Valentine’s Day will have a great importance.

This time is preferred by lovers because it is full of feeling and both your mind and your heart will be full of sweet romantic words to share with your boyfriend.

Give a nice surprise to the love of your life by sending original Valentine’s Day messages to your boyfriend and so both of you will feel very happy enjoying a love that gets bigger and bigger.

Most romantic Valentine’s quotes & cute ways to say ‘I Love You’

:: “God allowed us to meet, but it was us who fell in love and like that began this love story that will never end. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.
:: “A year ago my lonely heart longed to live romanticism, now thanks to you I have abundant love and happiness in my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day, my king!”.
:: “I am very lucky because I have the love of the most wonderful of all men and an unforgettable Valentine’s Day awaits me at his side. Congratulations darling!”.
:: “Even the universe is not big enough to house this love so immense that I feel for you. Many kisses and hugs for you on Valentine’s Day!”.
:: “Today I will give you many kisses and hugs to make you very happy, to show you all my love and to have a beautiful and unforgettable Valentine’s Day”.Download best happy Valentine's love messages with pictures for girlfriend

Best ‘I love you’ quotes about soulmates for Him & Her

:: “I feel an immense emotion inside my heart because this will be our first Valentine’s Day and together we will celebrate our love. Congratulations my life!”.
:: “I promise that I will do my utmost to make you smile, so you would feel the happiest man in the world on this Valentine’s Day. I love you with all my strength!”.
:: “I think I won the lottery with you because among millions of men in this world I have the best of all. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.
:: “Let’s make our love a party, but not only during Valentine’s Day but every day of our lives. My dear, I wish you many congratulations!”.
:: “Cupid didn’t need arrows to make me fall in love with you, you conquered me with your tenderness and with the magic of your love. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

Deep Valentine’s love quotes to express how you really feel

:: “To have a happy and unforgettable Valentine’s Day, we only need two things, that you and I are together and that we give each other so much love. Congratulations, my prince!”.
:: “I want this Valentine’s Day to be unforgettable for both of us, so that we remember it forever with love. I wish you a wonderful day darling!”.
:: “I confess that I am completely in love with you, I have never met a man as incredible as you are and celebrating Valentine’s Day together is wonderful. Many kisses honey!”.
:: “I don’t care what the world thinks of us, we really love each other and our hearts are filled with the purest and most sincere feelings. Let’s celebrate a Happy Valentine’s Day!”.
:: “You are the courage in my day, the biggest reason I have in this life to move on, and with all my love I congratulate you on this Valentine’s Day”.Download sweet I miss you quotes for Whatsapp

Sweet and touching Valentine’s I love you text messages for girlfriend

:: “I never planned to fall in love, but when I met you I couldn’t help it because I had never met someone so amazing. Let’s celebrate with joy a beautiful Valentine’s Day!”.
:: “When I saw you for the first time I felt that Cupid sent me an arrow straight to my heart and now I am madly in love with you. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!”.
:: “I agreed to be your girlfriend because I fell in love with all the beautiful things you did to reach my heart and now I’m happier than ever. Have a nice Valentine’s Day, darling!”.
:: “With you I understood that happiness is present within my heart and that your love is the key to reaching it. I want to congratulate you on this Valentine’s Day, my life!”.
:: “Every morning I wake up with a purpose inside my heart and it is to make you happy. Let’s have the cutest Valentine’s Day of our lives!”.

Your boyfriend will love the best romantic texts for Valentine’s Day that you send him on this day and he will feel very flattered and increasingly in love with you if you share beautiful romantic messages with him.romantic Valentine's WhatsApp status that saying I love You

Love messages for February 14th

February 14th, also known as Valentine’s Day, is a fantastic occasion to open our hearts to the person who accompanies us every day and who gives us his/her love.

What better than these messages full of love to let that person know the great place they have in our hearts? Review the examples we bring you today and choose the one you like best to personalize and send.

Romantic Valentine’s phrases that melt hearts

:: “I will be eternally grateful to you, my love. I wish you a Valentine’s Day full of love and all the beautiful things you deserve. I love you beyond every barrier and frontier, my darling”.
:: “Happy February 14th to the most beautiful Princess of this kingdom, to the apple of my eye and to the woman who captivates me. I love you immensely and you do not know how happy you make me every single day”.
:: “With these words I want you to know that my heart is yours and that I give you my life even if you do not ask for it. You are the woman of my dreams; I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day”.
:: “Happy Valentine’s Day to the woman of my life, the one who with her kisses erases my wounds and makes me believe in a better future. Never forget that I love you and that you are the best thing that ever happened to me”.
:: “I have discovered since I have been with you how happy I am to celebrate February 14th, because you have taught me how beautiful love can be. I want it to be the best Valentine’s Day ever, my dear”.Free download Valentine's love cards to share by Facebook

Download love pictures & Valentine’s messages to send by Whatsapp

:: “Congratulations, my love. It is not the first time we have spent February 14th together, but it is the most special edition yet. I love you immensely and all I want in this life is your happiness”.
:: “Happy Valentine’s Day to the most beautiful of all! How nice it is to be able to tell you all that I love you, my life. I want to spend every moment by your side forever because you are the best”.
:: “I am so happy to know that I can count on your support, your love, and your company in my life. You do not know how special it is for me to have you by my side. Happy February 14th, I adore you more than life itself”.
:: “Happy February 14th, my queen. You are the most beautiful thing that happened to me and the reason for my existence. Today I want you to know that my goal is your happiness. I love you more than you can imagine”.
:: “My love, can you believe we’ve been together for five years? Time went by very quickly, but our love just got stronger. Happy Valentine’s Day, honey. I love you very, very much, dear”.Romantic happy Valentine's love messages to make her fall in love

Beautiful Valentine’s love text messages to send by Messenger

:: “Happy Valentine’s Day to the beauty that stole my heart. This February 14th we are the protagonists, my love. You are everything to me and you give me strength every day. I adore you. You are the absolute best”.
:: “If I could go back in time and do everything again, I would change absolutely nothing, because the life I have led has brought me to you: the love of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day”.
:: “May it be the most beautiful Valentine’s Day ever, my love. Because you deserve the world, the sun and the stars. Always remember how much I love you and how much you mean to me.
:: “On this 14th of February I want to give you the gift that your heart desires the most, because you have taught me that it is possible to love without restrictions or fears. Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you very much”.
:: “Happy Valentine’s Day, my cute little love. The love I feel for you is only growing day by day. Thank you for always being there when I needed you most. I love you so much and nothing will take us down, my baby”.

So, do you dare to send one of these sweet love messages on February 14th? Remember that it is always a good idea to let your partner know how much he or she means to you, no matter how long you have been together.

Keep in mind that all these beautiful phrases we have presented to you are free, so take advantage of them and give them your personal touch.romantic Valentine's & charming text messages for girlfriend

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