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If you have a true friendship, one of those that are unconditional, feel blessed. Friends are people who have been through experiences with you, in which they have shown that you can trust them and give them your love. Sometimes due to random things in life we are separated from our loved ones, so we miss their presence and that arouses feelings of sadness.

That is why it is worth making those people know that you miss them, that you still appreciate them despite the distance and that your friendship will last. On the next few lines we offer you some texts that may help you express to those dear friend that they are still a part of your life and that you have not forgotten about them.

Free examples of friendship texts:

:: “My dear friend, from the day we separated, I have not stopped missing you. I have been happy with you, you were my support when I needed it most and you always showed me that I could trust you. Now that you are away, I can only say that you are my family and that I am waiting for you with my arms open”.
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:: “True friends are like gold, they are a valuable treasure in our lives. They accompany you through good times, provide you selfless support and give joy to your life. Your friendship means all that for me and despite the distance that separates us today, I will never forget you”.
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:: “My friend, although today we find ourselves in different parts of the world, that does not mean that the ties we forged years ago are over. Since our friendship is very strong, we have lived so many memories that they have made me love you with all my soul and made you a part of my life. You are my brother and you always will”.
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:: “God gave me joy by placing you in my way, dear friend. You are the person to whom I confided my secrets, my pains and with whom I lived with the greatest joys. Now that you moved away, an irreplaceable part of my life went away, and that left a pain in my heart. I just know that I could never forget you and I hope to see you soon, my dear fellow”.
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:: “Some friendships last for days, months or a few years, and that happens when there is not have a sincere feeling for the other person. But there are friendships that last forever, in which there is no more than affection, respect and trust. Dear friend, our friendship is like that and I hope you know it, and although today we may be far due to different reasons, my feelings for you will never change. I hope to see you soon”.
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Hopefully one of these messages helps you express what you feel to that friendship that is currently far away. Rest assured that this person will know how to appreciate a gesture of this kind and it will help you keep in touch, even at a distance. Sincere friendship is a precious gift and therefore you must take care of it.

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