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It is not often that we get the time to go to our employer and express our appreciation, so it is a good option to approach him, intending to congratulate him on his birthday, letting him know that is highly valued and respected.

Having people in charge is not always easy, because the relationship requires a hierarchy so that everything works well and sometimes give confidence could misinterpretate some things. It is very valuable that if we work for someone, we are able to recognize his work and the effort he puts into for everything goes well.

If his birthday is approaching, then harness the situation and let him know that we do recognize what it does; here you will find several examples of how to do it, choose the best you like and send them.

Download best texts birthday wishes for your boss

:: “Now we are all here together in order to tell you you are the most amazing boss that we could have. You are always giving us your friendship and best tips, showing us which is the best path, motivating us and helping us if we had any problems. We really wanted to make you know how much we value and appreciate you. We hope that all you want becomes a reality soon, because you are worthy of everything good. Have a very nice day in your birthday”.
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:: “The celebration we have planned will be the greatest ever, with the intention that the dearest person in the entire office, everyone’s friend, who leads us and advises, always teaching the best, may be happy, content and especially relaxed in your day. Thanks to you, we are now working in this way so united and cohesive, pursuing common goals rather than emphasize personal issues. We sincerely thank your teachings, have a nice day”.
Category: Best happy birthday text to your boss

:: “I hope that today you get surrounded by people who most appreciate and respect you. I know that we are part of those people, because we feel much admiration for you, and also respect, value and all its teachings are helpful. Our wishes for you are the best, that go very well”.
Category: Best happy birthday text to your boss

:: “The people who really know how to lead, are patient, honest, upright, kind, respectful and above all, people who know how to get to the other, be close to his team. I think you can feel proud of yourself, because you absolutely meet all of these requirements and does so with excellence. We all hope a super birthday for you”.
Category: Best happy birthday text to your boss

:: “How hard it is to choose the perfect gift for someone who deserves so much. Thinking about it, we thought you might be able to appreciate that we all agree to send cute dedications about what inspires us from you. We desire for you an excellent day, surrounded by friends and loved ones. You deserve the best, thanks for everything and happy day; you are an example for us and we hope to remain so for much longer”.
Category: Best happy birthday text to your boss

:: “We want today becomes a good reason to express how much I love you. You are a very straight and admirable person, so that his birthday deserves the best things in life. I hope you are doing well since the 12 chimes, because I imagine that all your loved ones have put their effor to make this day an unforgettable one for you. Have a really nice and happy birthday”.
Category: Best happy birthday text to your boss

:: “How lucky we are that you are in charge of us, I have talked with other people and really do not have even half the joy of working with their bosses. Considering what a good person you are, we decided to make this little gathering as a celebration of his day. Do not worry we will not waste much time, we just want to honor you as it should be in your day”.
Category: Best happy birthday text to your boss

:: “Have a nice birthday today, dear boss. We all hope that your path keeps yielding successes as it has been so far, because the effort you put into everything you do is worthy of recognition. We send you a big hug”.
Category: Best happy birthday text to your boss

:: “The best wished for you on your birthday, dear boss. I want to thank you for including me in your celebration, I feel very honored and I wish you all the best”.
How nice is when our birthday is remembered and we get it celebrated as an important moment by the people we care about. See you soon.
Category: Best happy birthday text to your boss

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