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Today the technology has surprisingly evolved in the field of multimedia applications, a clear example is the huge amount of entertainment that has incorporated cellular technology, such as music players, games and video cameras, which are integrated into each cell phone device, which are the most demanded by today’s users, as he or she is searching for new applications that bring entertainment anywhere.

Without a doubt, one of the main applications demanded by users are mobile phone games. As follows, we will list a series of phones listed according to characteristics such as screen size, graphics capabilities, storage level, length of battery life, among other features.

Nokia N96: It is the clearest example of a multifunction phone, which can store large amounts of data, due to its memory capacity of 16GB.

– Has a built-in player to listen to any format and genre of music.

– Captures pictures in a high quality format.

– Records and edits video.

– Has built – in GPS (global positioning system).

– It has a large 2.8 inch screen.

– It has a sliding touch keypad for easy handling applications.

– It has Wi – Fi connectivity.

– It weighs only 125 grams.

– It can be synchronized with live television.

– It has the latest and newest generation N – Gage, which is the application used in the latest games such as Sports FIFA 2009 and 2009 Dakar Rally.

iPhone: Without a doubt the most modern mobile phone technology released by Apple.

– It has a large touch screen LCD of 3.5 inches.

– It has an 8 GB / 16 GB memory capacity depending on the model.

– It has a battery life of 10 hours in use and up to 250 hours if the user does not use applications.

– It has a built – in PowerVR MBX 3D graphics processor, which allows the user to provide high image quality in games that demand a lot of resources.

– It has Wi – Fi.

– It has GPS technology.

Besides the features mentioned above, Apple has its own virtual shop where you can download multiple applications, like songs, videos and games, which are the most demanded by users. To download any application, the user simply must pre – register on the website and pay depending on the application him or her wishes to download.

Sony Ericsson C905: This cell phone model is one of the best for gaming applications.

– It has a dimension of 104.0 x 49.0 x 18.0 mm.

– It has a phone memory of 160 MB which can be expandable up to 8 GB.

– It captures photos with great image quality, since it has a built – in Cyber shot camera.

– Access to internet through a Wi – Fi connection, also has a great new technology called HSDPA 3G, that is a connection through which the user can surf the Internet faster.

– Has GPS locator.

– It has its own store, which offers the user downloads for all types of entertainment such as music, wallpapers, videos and games. Currently the company Sony is working on a new cell phone model, which combines the PSP and Sony Ericsson model.

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cell phone technology, entertainment in cell phone technology, cell phone, technology, multimedia, multimedia applications, cellular technology

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