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Cute Mother’s Day phrases
for my Aunt

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Being a Mother is a role that we often do not understand, due to its complexity, among other factors. It is always good, to be able to give nice Mother’s Day messages to dedicate, to the Mothers of the family.

The years go by, and there are special dates that are key in our life, such as Mother’s Day. It is always nice; to be able to offer beautiful Mother’s Day phrases to send, especially to steal a smile from that special Mommy as an aunt.

In this opportunity, we give you a range of new Mother’s Day quotes to download, for this special person, since in many cases she is as if she were our own Mother. Enjoy it!

Send happy Mother’s Day phrases
for my Aunt

:: “Happy Mother’s Day, dear Aunt! It is a blessing to be able to count on you in my life, because you were always a second Mother to me. I love you infinitely and I wish you all the happiness today”.
Category: Mother’s Day phrases

:: “Dear Aunt, today I cannot wish you more than infinite light that surrounds you, because you are a great woman, an excellent friend, but above all a beautiful Mother”.
Category: Mother’s Day phrases

:: “You know I’m happy, I do have your smile in my life. You are a good example of Mother to me, dear Aunt. It is important for me that you know today how much you mean in my life. Happy Mother’s Day!”.
Category: Mother’s Day phrases

:: “If you look at me with those eyes of tenderness, I cannot be happier and more fortunate to have you as Aunt, and today we can celebrate Mother’s Day together. You are my example, my light to follow. Happy Mother’s Day!”.
Category: Mother’s Day phrases

Mother’s Day
greetings for my Aunt

:: “You know that I am happy having you in my life. You were always a second Mother to me, the best example to follow. Today in this special moment, I want you to know that I wish you all happiness of the worlds. Happy Mother’s Day!”.
Category: Mother’s Day greetings

:: “Today you will wake up, and you will realize that the stars play around you, because it is not just any day, today is Mother’s Day, and it does not make me happier than being able to celebrate with you, dear Aunt”.
Category: Mother’s Day greetings

:: “Today your eyes will open, to realize that life is beautiful, we all want your happiness today and always, it is not a simple day, it is Mother’s Day, and we will celebrate as you deserve, dear Aunt”.
Category: Mother’s Day greetings

:: “Today is not a common day, today the little angels play around you, because it is Mother’s Day, and a woman like you deserves the infinite affection of the universe. Happy Mother’s Day, dear aunt! ”
Category: Mother’s Day greetings

Happy Mother’s Day
wishes for my Aunt

:: “How nice it is to know that I have you in my life, you are an angel in my life, my best friend, and today in your day I promise to make you proud, and fulfill your wishes. I hope we have a nice Mother’s Day, dear aunt ”
Category: Mother’s Day wishes

:: “I feel that with you I can fly, you always gave wings to my dreams, that’s why I consider you as a second Mother. On this special day, I cannot do more than ask the world to smile at you. Happy Mother’s Day!”.
Category: Mother’s Day wishes

:: “You are a light of life, the best energy with which to start a dream, you are wings for thoughts like mine. You are my aunt, you are my best friend. Today is Mother’s Day, and what I most want is for you to be happy forever”.
Category: Mother’s Day wishes

:: “Infinite thanks to life for sending me a second Mother, someone with whom I can count on the good and the bad. You are my Aunt, my best friend, and today, I wish you Happy Mother’s Day! ”
Category: Mother’s Day wishes

Nice letters for my aunt
on Mother’s Day

One of the most special days in year is Mother’s Day, because this is a day in which we honor our mother and all the women of our family and our friends who are blessed to be mothers.

That’s why in this day you must take a moment to offer a very special greeting to all those mothers who you know and are part of your life. One such person is your aunt, that special woman who has been by your side since childhood giving you her love and protection.

If you are not very clear about what to say to honor her at the time, you can use any of the examples of notes of congratulations for mother’s day we bring here, choose the one you like most and customize it to pay a small tribute to your dear aunt.

Example 1 of a Mother’s Day letter
for my aunt

From: Thomas
To: Aunt Lupe

Dear Aunt Lupe:

This is a very special day because it is the day of mothers and because I write this dedication to congratulate you because after my mom, you are one of the most special women in my life.

I still remember those funny moments I lived with you during my childhood; you were always beside me and cared for me when my mom could not make it.

That’s why I consider you as a mother over for me. Thanks for all your words of encouragement, for always being with me and always giving me your help and advice.

I send many congratulations on this day of mothers and I wish that you celebrate with great joy by the side of my cousins and my uncle.

Congratulations on your day.

Example 2 of a Mother’s Day letter
for my aunt

From: Sara
To: Beloved Aunt

Dear Aunt:

I write this little note on the occasion of Mother’s Day, to congratulate you and tell you how grateful I am to you and how much I love you.

By your side and shared many of the happiest moments of my childhood and I could learn many things you taught me.

I spent unforgettable moments next to my cousins so I will always cherish it in my heart. Thanks to your example and my mom’s today I am a good mother and I can understand all that you did for me.

I can truly say that you have been like my second mother, you are a very special woman and I always carry you in my heart.

On Mother’s Day I give my congratulations and express my gratitude for treating me like one of her daughter. My wish is that God can bless you with good health for you to be with us much longer.

Congratulations on your day.

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