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Today is very important to maintain a secure computer with antivirus program and this because many viruses and malicious programs are circulating online lurking for victims to infect them. These malicious programs were created to steal our personal information, email passwords, account numbers and passwords.

So we must take the necessary precautions. To help you choose a good antivirus, we bring a brief analysis of the best programs to disinfect and protect your computer. Compare them and choose the best.


Panda is one of the most recognized brands of antivirus in the world. It is an automated program that once you’ve installed it, it will be analyzing the information that enters your PC blocking any threat; it gets updated by its own through your internet connection, so you’re always up to date against the latest viruses. Visit the website of Panda and get all the versions of antivirus Panda offered.


With applications of Kapersky antivirus you can rest assured that your computer will be safe. This program gives you full protection and if you want you can make an online review of your PC through its free online version and if you like a good option you can choose the version you like and buy it. Visit


Norton is one of the companies with more experience in the antivirus field, because it has developed various applications that fits according to customer needs. Whatever your choice is it allows you to surf the internet with no worries thinking that someone can access your personal information. Whatever the threat is, it gets disabled and deleted by Norton. Enter to its website and choose the version that best fits your needs.


This company became famous thanks to its flagship NOD32 Antivirus. Currently has a full range of solutions for all types of needs, including Android devices. You can do a free online review for viruses on your PC through its official website You also have the option to download a trial version for one month, after which you will have the option to buy it or not.


Avast has different versions to keep your computer protected against all types of malware so you can surf the Internet, bank and use your mail without fear that your information will be taken. This company offers a completely free antivirus, with less functionality than the paid version and a trial period of one month in any of the full versions. Visit their web

Mc Afee

It is a high-level antivirus enables you to protect your computer from all kinds of threats. This antivirus specializes in extras at grant to bank online with your real-time scanning protection. For more information you can visit their page

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