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Nowadays, there are many professionals who are prepared for the challenges they must face in the job openings they apply for. The majority of them, besides having studied at the university, also have studies something else after, such as a diploma or a doctor’s degree in a particular subject. For that reason, when you apply for a job, you must write a letter in which you enumerate all your skills and aptitudes you have acquired over your work experience.

In this letter, you should present yourself in the best way, so in that way you can be distinguished from other applicants. Remember not to take so long explaining details that are irrelevant, just mention briefly your highlights and your strengths. You know you have to do it very well because you may get hired by this letter.

On the lines below we offer you three examples of letters which you can choose from, just change some little details and add your personal touch, you will see they will be of a lot of help.

Free letter 1 to apply for a job:

Mr. Francisco Sánchez Mendiola
Navarrete Av. 321
Lima – Peru

Dear Mr. Mendiola:

I am writing this to inform you that I am very interested in the job opening for Operations Manager, which appeared in the newspaper on the 24th of October of the present year.

I would like to mention that I have work on this area for more than six years in three different companies that are in the area of logistics, so I am sure that I have all the required experience to perform well on the job offered.

I would love to work with you, as you are leaders in the industry in which you operate, I hope my experiences something that interest you to help you meet your business objectives as such a recognized company.

I will be waiting for your prompt response.


Julian Perez Maldonado

Free letter 2 to apply for a job:

Mrs. Aspilcueta Karina Arias
Los Nogales Av. 543
Lima – Peru

Dear Mrs. Aspilcueta:

Through this letter I extend an affectionate greeting, wishing you are well, I would like to make of your knowledge that I saw an ad of your company for a job opening as the Human Resources Manager. I would really like you to count with my services and enter your personal selection process, as I am very interested in working with you given the prestige you have had over the last few years.

I am in the last term of the Business Management Career at the Catholic University. I have validated my hours of practice in two companies where I served as an intern at the Human Resources area, which I describe in detail in my resume. I am eager to learn and apply my knowledge and experience.

I send enclosed my resume and I am available in case you have any questions or if you want to interview me.

Best regards,

Elba Suarez Dongo

Free letter 3 to apply for a job:

Pacific Insurance
Mrs. Gisela Morales Alvela
Los Frutales Av. 1876
Lima – Peru

Dear Madam,

Through this letter I want to let you know of my interest in working in your company, because yesterday I saw on your website a publication for a vacancy in the commercial area.

I should mention that I have more than four years working in the Sales Area in two recognized companies in the city, as well as having completed my studies in Marketing at the San Ignacio de Loyola University. I have great empathy and good relationship with the customers. I would love to work with you because I know I would learn a lot and I am willing to do my best.

I send my resume in the attachment, in case you want to ask me any questions I am at your service.

I look to forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Susana Manrique Dueñas

We hope at least one of these examples of application letter has helped you write your own, you will do really great. Good Luck.

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