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When a couple has already been dating for a year, they are very excited because their relationship is full of love and is very solid. On this special day what both partners are looking for is to surprise the other person since they are very special for the time they have spent together and above all to state that they wish to continue the relationship beside the beloved much longer.

In case your anniversary is approaching and you want to send a letter to your boyfriend or girlfriend, on the next few lines we present you two sample letters you can use .You will see that if you accompany them with a gift you will have an unforgettable day and you will be able to let your partner know of your sincere feelings.

Free anniversary letter 1:

Happy Anniversary my Princess!

It has already been a year since we are together and I love you more every day. I never thought that I would fall in love with someone so much, that is because you are so special. I want to make you the happiest woman in the world, remember that I will be there every moment to help you in whatever you need.

Every time the day that I first saw you comes to my mind I feel many beautiful things in my heart. You do not know how impressed by your personality and your beauty you left me, and the day that you accepted me I jumped for joy and I felt blessed to feel so loved by you, for everything you did for me throughout this year, especially for the love you give me each day. You always fulfill what you promise and I know one of the things you always want is to see me happy, just like I want the same for you.

Always remember how much I love you. I feel that you are everything to me and I will fight for our love every day of my life. I am sure you want the same for us.

I want to be with you for life and be with you forever. I love you too much my sweetheart. I am very grateful for all the love you give me every day.

Free anniversary letter 2:

For the love of my life:

You do not know how long I waited to a man like you. I know you know and that is why I am so happy with you today. I am grateful to God for having placed you in my way, and now that I found you I can enjoy a true love every day of my life. I know you know that after all I went through you came to change my life and make me the happiest woman on the planet, I know that at the beginning there were many problems and intrigues on the part of many people but we managed to overcome them by the love we have for each other, and that feeling is growing more every day, I love you more every day and you love me more every day.

I wish our Lord grants us much wisdom to have a great relationship, treat each other with much love, respect and honesty, so many despite the problems we always keep together. You are the man who changed my life and I am very happy because you are by my side every time I feel like the world falls on me, you come to me and help me lift it. I join my life with yours, I am sure you are the love that I waited so long for. Thank you for existing.

We hope you liked at least one of the love letters for a dating anniversary so you decide to give it to the person you love. You will see she will be very happy.

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